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How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

August 15, 2017
By Special Guest
Robert Cordray, Community Contributor -

Customer service is a critical component to the success of any business. After all, poor customer service can decrease business from repeat customers. Furthermore, poor word-of-mouth comments from your unsatisfied customers may make it much more difficult to encourage new customers to do business with you. Ideally, your business will focus heavily on providing personalized customer service to each customer. To accomplish this goal, however, it is important to understand specifically what customer service is and what your customers expect when they do business with your company. Improving your efforts in this area can help you to grow your business substantially.

Exploring the Customer Service Definition in Detail

Before you can learn more about ways to improve personalized customer service in your establishment, you must first gain a detailed understanding of the customer service definition. Customer service entails all aspects of your staff’s interaction with the customer before, during and after the sale. Before the sale, the customer should be greeted in a timely manner, and his or her needs should be inquired about up-front. Service should be knowledgeable and prompt, and your sales team should immediately make helpful recommendations to address the customer’s needs specifically. After the sale, the customer should be thanked for his or her business and asked to visit again. More than that, you should also initiate a way to verify that the customer has received a satisfactory experience, such as through emails, phone calls or surveys after the experience. With improved knowledge of the customer service definition throughout the sales process, you may be able to determine areas where your business needs to improve in.

The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

Customer service is critical in all aspects of business. Whether your customer is a budget-minded consumer looking for quality products at a fair price, a high-end consumer looking for a pampering sales experience and luxury goods or a business customer with a focus on his or her bottom line, it is important to know who your consumer is and what they are looking for in the sales experience. Offering quality products or services is not the only aspect of the buying experience they are looking for. Budget-minded consumers, for example, may expect to receive fast, helpful service. High-end customers, however, may be turned off by fast service. While they may expect to be greeted promptly, they may also expect your team to take time addressing each of their needs carefully. Customer service is about providing the full experience your customer desires.

How to Learn More About Your Customer

You can learn a lot about your target audience by simply understanding who your products and services appeal to. You can also spend time in the field interacting with your customers, getting feedback from your front line staff and more. For example, your staff may regularly hear comments from happy as well as unsatisfied customers, and you must be aware of the nature of these comments if you want to improve the service your company provides. To provide personalized customer service, you must understand what aspects of your service your customers appreciate and the areas where you need to improve on.

How to Measure Customer Service

It is not enough to simply do your best and expect great things to come of it. Instead, you must carefully measure your efforts at delivering a stellar experience. You can read online consumer reviews to read detailed comments about areas that you can improve on. You can also contact customers directly after the sales process, such as by phone or email. Many customers will take time to answer a few simple questions about their experience. Such efforts can be rewarding to a business that is focused on improving the customer experience. It is not enough to simply have this information in hand. You must also act on it. Implement training sessions for your staff as needed. Revise the sales process, and improve the timeliness of service. Your ability to provide exceptional and personalized customer service is dependent on your ability to react accordingly after obtaining feedback from your customers.

Take time to consider who your target audience is and the type of experience they want. If you need assistance with this process, read consumer reviews for your business and for the competition to learn more about what your customers like and dislike. This initial effort at getting to know more about your customer can help you to further refine your level of customer service to the benefit of your business.