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How to Improve Sales

August 21, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Most people love to offer their suggestions for how things can be improved. Yet it’s seldom that people, even those who are the closest to an issue, are asked for their input. But the sales leaders who take the time to ask their reps what they need to succeed can improve results, says Scott Amerson, vice president of sales at VanillaSoft.

“Many employees will not come to management asking for things, even if these requests could lead to improvements to help them to do their jobs better,” says Amerson. “Consider surveying your sales team just as you would your clients, on a regular basis. Surveys can be printed or emailed, and ask yes or no questions as well as open-ended ones.”

Another option to collect sales representative feedback is by dedicating time explicitly for this purpose during regular meetings, Amerson adds. Additionally, he says, this conversation could be introduced during casual gatherings, like lunches.

“It’s essential to have an open-door communications policy where your inside sales representatives can come to you and know their ideas will be considered,” says Amerson.

Amerson’s blog also offers an array of other ideas on how to increase the success of the sales team. That includes arming sales reps with the product information and training they need to keep abreast of your company’s offering. He also suggests supplying the best reps with qualified leads to make the most of their time. Organizations also should do their best to minimize distractions for these top performers so they can spend as much time as possible closing deals as opposed to inputting data. Providing these individuals with the tools to keep them on track and at peak production is also key, Amerson says. For more tips, check out the blog.

Edited by Maurice Nagle