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Dialing Services Fined $2.8 Million for Violating TCPA

September 13, 2017
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Automated calling is nothing new; we are used to getting pre-recorded messages from unknown numbers and often, quickly dismissing them. “Robocalls” usually come from companies hired to phone specific lists of consumers, based specific criteria from the client. The numbers used to dial out and that are seen on caller ID tend to be either blocked/unknown or “spoofed” so they cannot be traced back or identified by the called party. Unfortunately for web-based company, Dialing Services, it took robocalling a little too far and is now literally paying the price.

It was discovered that, in 2012, Dialing Services made 4.7 million non-emergency calls to wireless numbers, without those mobile users’ consent. This is a direct violation of the TCPA, causing the FCC (News - Alert) to penalize Dialing Services with a hefty $2.8 million fine. DS did not take the allegations lying down, and was quick to point out that the TCPA did not have any direct regulations regarding a web-based company.

According to the FCC, the mode of technology is not what matters, but rather the abuse of power by the telemarketing company. Regardless of how you slice it, Dialing Services is responsible for these phone calls and should pay – certainly the majority of those it called likely agree. Though the company was made aware of its breach of power by the FCC and reach of “thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of customers…,” it still appears that Dialing Services does not feel it has violated the TCPA. That, however, does not change the judgment. 

Edited by Erik Linask