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SpendEdge Releases Global Telemarketing Research Report

September 27, 2017
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Recently, SpendEdge announced the release of its Outbound Telemarketing Procurement Market Research Report. The report was filled with data and an overall analysis of market supply, what factors influenced decisions regarding buying, procurement of leading practices, pricing models, landscape supplier, and a matrix of supplier capability.

The Outbound Telemarketing Procurement Market Research Report also broke down data along with analysis around the procurement regarding telemarketing; it is truly a fully-integrated guide to aid in the teachings of how to make educated purchasing decisions.

“Outbound telemarketing is a direct marketing method and generates high response rates, which makes it an effective method for reaching prospective clients and understanding their buying behavior. Suppliers are increasingly using technology to help enhance agent productivity, offer value-added services such as database scrubbing and post-call analytics,” according Angad Singh, lead SpendEdge procurement analyst.

Call analytics is one of the best ways for a company to compile data needed to make changes, enhance productivity, and move forward. A business can see how productive its agents are, how they handle situations, and how customer service issues are resolved. Call recording can also help with educating agents with best practices when on a call with a client. Hearing a poorly handled call can serve as an educational tool to guide and train telemarketers.

With that being said, all channels should be utilized; an omnichannel approach is required in today’s business climate. Mobile, voice, chat, email, etc. should all be equally utilized as points of contact based on customer preference.

No matter what channel is being used, mainly telephony, it is important that the system not be abused. Recording personal information for an employee’s own gain is a huge concern, call recording can aid in compliance issues regarding sensitive information, but people are still people.

Observing and listening to the agents via call analytics and call recordings is vital to ensure only the best in customer service is delivered. Knowing that a staff is staying on target, in compliance, and doing the job properly and efficiently sets the bar extremely high for those who follow after.

Edited by Maurice Nagle