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PACE Puts Puerto Rico in USA DNC Regulatory Guide

November 02, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Still six weeks after Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico is still in recovery mode. Digging out of the rubble, repairing infrastructure, ensuring safe drinking water remain top priority. And while this process is underway, the last thing Puerto Ricans needs is unsolicited telemarketing calls

This week, The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) announced the addition of Puerto Rico to the USA DNC Regulatory Guide. Known as the teleservices compliance bible, the PACE guide has been in distribution for more than 10 years covering all FTC, FCC (News - Alert), TCPA and state-specific telemarketing regulations.

“We continue to expand the information contained in the Regulatory Guides to meet the needs of our subscribers and telemarketing compliance professionals,” said Dean Garfinkel (News - Alert), administrator of the PACE Regulatory Guide.

With the addition of Puerto Rico, the guide will now include a section specifically devoted to the US territory that will include all applicable laws, statutes or laws in addition to a summary of a number of areas of compliance. These include: registration requirements, call restrictions, solicitation disclosures, call monitoring rules and more.

PACE’s USA DNC Regulatory Guide is only part of a series found at, and subscribers gain access to regular alerts and notification in regard to change in legislation. This promises to prevent any unlawful practices.

The regulations are backed by the MacMurray Shuster LLP legal team, as they perform a comprehensive review of compliance statutes to ensure the guide remains up to date. Whenever a change or update is made to the guide, subscribers receive an eAlert.

Compliance is a larger hurdle than many realize. With data protection regulations popping up all over the world, noncompliance can be a costly mistake. Many people already view telemarketers in a negative light, at least with a guide in place the stigma doesn’t have to stay.

Is your contact center in compliance?

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz