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Selling Your Sales Staff on Your Business

January 09, 2018
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

People in sales and marketing tend to be more intense than the rest of us. But while they are typically high energy, they have their doubts and down periods just like everybody else – maybe even more so, since they so frequently deal with rejection.

That said, it’s important to pump up sales team members and give them the tools they need to do their jobs. And don’t forget to reinforce your goals and company culture so team members understand what to do and feel part of something bigger than themselves.

The first part of this exercise should be defining your “brand”, your culture – what you’re all about, VanillaSoft suggests in this recent blog. Keep that top of mind as you recruit, hire, train, do business, invest, and motivate and reward your team.

Be sure to review your training materials, and make sure they address the goals you have, the culture you espouse, and the tools you use today.

Look to the future instead of the past, and use the best tools to meet your needs. That should include employing high-quality VoIP systems to enable clear communications; embracing lead management solutions for more efficiency; and leveraging sales engagement solutions to deliver sales reps and customers the right content at the right time, VanillaSoft suggests. You might also want to consider monitoring and recording calls, reviewing them, and when possible using them for training purposes.

Speaking of training, it is not a one-and-done effort. Keep everyone abreast of changing goals, new initiatives, and tools via periodic training and updates.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to let people know you appreciate them and their good work. You can do that by holding team-building events like outings and parties,

celebrating employee milestones, and offering praise and rewards for meeting sales goals.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz