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How Automation Can Enhance Cold Calling

February 01, 2018
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Cold calling provides new business development initiatives with one of the highest returns, says VanillaSoft.

It’s cost effective, it’s a great way to deliver a sales message, and it helps businesses gain a better understanding of the demands and desires of their prospects.

But, if done incorrectly, it also can hurt an organization’s reputation. Poor execution on this front can also adversely impact morale and productivity.

“Companies fail to realize that cold calling is not a beginner’s activity,” says VanillaSoft. “It requires training, skill, persistence, patience, organization, and consistency to nurture a cold prospect with well-timed communications until the prospect becomes a sales-ready lead.”

The average sales person makes just eight dials an hour, according to Ovation Sales Group. Only 2 percent of cold calls result in an appointment, Leap job says.

Sales reps spend about 15 percent of their time leaving voicemails, RingLead reports. And 71 percent of sales reps say they spend too much time entering data, Toutapp reveals.

In the white paper “5 Ways to Automate The Cold Call Process” VanillaSoft describes these and other challenges of cold calling. And it explains how automation of various processes can allow for improved cold calling productivity and results. And it offers detail on how technology can be employed to provide greater insight into these processes.

“With the potential to yield a high ROI, there’s no doubt that cold calling is an important component in the mixture of many companies’ new business development strategy,” VanillaSoft says. “With the use of sales automation software and technology to streamline processes, both prospects and reps can experience better cold calls through a variety of techniques that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.”

Automation can serve to remove obstacles and increase opportunities for salespeople to engage in quality conversations with prospective buyers, the company notes. It adds: “The right sales automation software can keep the process efficient and lean, increasing productivity and — most importantly — revenue.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz