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VanillaSoft, Izenda Bring Self-Service Analytics and Sales Engagement Together

February 06, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Inside sales are more challenging than many would believe, as always being closing isn’t always a reality. However, if the proper tools are in place, and teams are empowered then efficient and effective sales efforts are fostered, and future growth is in the forecast.

Recently, VanillaSoft integrated Izenda’s self-service analytics with the VanillaSoft sales engagement platforms. Now, teams gain access to real time actionable insight to immediately improve operations and boost the bottom line.

 “Embedding Izenda provides our VanillaSoft solution with more robust, real-time reporting and analytics and is one more way we empower inside sales teams to be more agile and productive,” said Darryl Praill, chief marketing officer, VanillaSoft. “We needed a business intelligence solution that would seamlessly integrate into our application to give appropriate users the ability to build custom detailed reporting and impactful dashboards using an intuitive design interface. We chose Izenda because they had the best combination of robust functionality and ease-of-use.”

The pairing of technology delivers a sales team critical, contextual data to optimize sales cadence, offer operational flexibility and a greater opportunity for up-sell. Customized, real time dashboards and reports illustrate the necessary data to make informed decisions.

The integration comes after a highly discerning selection process by VanillaSoft of a BI platform that was the right fit. Available now, the pairing packs a punch pushing improved prospect engagement, accelerated sales cycles and larger deal size.

According to Lee Nagel, vice president of marketing, Izenda, “VanillaSoft is a powerful sales development solution that is primed for intuitive, embedded business intelligence that empowers users to exploit the power of data in a way that complements their daily workflows.”

The sales process is an art, but science and data are delivering results. Namely, sales and revenue growth.

What sales engagement software does your business use?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz