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Blockchain Tech Builds Customer Engagement

February 21, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

If technology were rated on a scale of cold to hot, an area currently en fuego is blockchain. This technology is taking industry by storm and this week, a certain not-for-profit is planting a flag for blockchain in the name of audio and video interactivity.

Yesterday, IVEP (Interactive Video and Experience Protocol) Association revealed the acquisition of ScreenJumper, a content discovery and engagement platform in order to provide two-way interactivity to TV and radio leveraging the Preface mobile application. Blockchain is building customer engagement.

From a customer engagement perspective, this could prove a game-changer. The pairing creates a cross-platform, cross-network blockchain-based protocol for audio and video interactivity that also delivers real human engagement data and payment management. What is created: A completely synchronized, interactive mobile experience, providing marketers and advertisers with unparalleled insight into user behavior, offering the capability to craft truly personalized customer experience.

“Combining ScreenJumper and IVEP will bring a unique solution to media publishers on the web, TV and radio networks,” said Founder Yves Daoust. “We are very excited to leverage the potential of blockchain and Dubtokens to the benefit of all the actors of the media ecosystem. After spending the past two decades developing and deploying solutions for video publishers and network operators, we see IVEP as the next generation solution resolving major pain points the industry has been facing in recent years and look forward contributing to the success of IVEP and its members.”

Our omnichannel world is far more complex than yesteryear, and as businesses build engagement it is imperative to interact where customers are. With this acquisition, IVEP is taking a large step in that direction, and in further embracing opportunities our digital age affords.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz