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Voximplant Shares Smartcalls with Telemarketers

March 22, 2018
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Customer outreach is a fine line, and for telemarketers some walk it better than others. Innovation is pairing the human element with robust telemarketing software solutions capable of lead management, while leveraging burgeoning technologies like speech recognition to ensure optimal results from each call.

Recently, Voximplant shared Smartcalls with the world. The new web service was designed to deliver businesses an intelligent and customizable web service, aiding businesses in the creation of outbound call campaigns.

“In our experiences working with companies across many different industries, we’ve recognized the opportunity that businesses have to significantly improve their current customer communications (and help their budgets) by using voice bots and automation,” noted Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Voximplant. “We’ve built Smartcalls to be as convenient as possible for users regardless of technical background. We invite businesses to try the Smartcalls visual editor and see just how easy it is to launch an effective call campaign in just minutes.”

The user friendly interface allows for the development of campaigns without requiring programming or technical knowledge. As a result of voice recognition technology, organizations can set up the system to support a range of call flows, offering customers the ability to answer questions in multiple ways.

By assembling action sequences in “blocks,” automation is enabled. The introduction of automation means a reduction in human error. Set call rules and off to the races you go. Smartcalls also provides a number of pre-assembled, plug-and-play scenarios for organizations can accelerate getting a campaign off the ground.

“Our data shows that using Smartcalls can be up to three times less expensive than using human operators, and the service can reduce the cost of maintaining a call center by at least 25 percent,” said Vasily Sazhko, Smartcalls Product Director, Voximplant. “At the same time, Smartcalls completely removes the human factor in outgoing call campaigns, taking away human error in dialing and call execution and delivering greater reliability and efficiency for businesses.”

Finding the sweet spot in a call campaign can be tricky business, but at least if your organization has the proper telemarketing software and tools available there is something to help guide the way.

Do you use voice recognition in your sales organization?

Edited by Erik Linask

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