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VanillaSoft's Auto Dialing Turning Leads into Sales

July 17, 2009
By Tim Gray - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Converting leads into sales for any business, whether its Microsoft (News - Alert) or Micro-small, is imperative in even the best economy. However, having the proper lead management software in place to handle these leads takes on an even greater significance as an economy stagnates.

So, it should be no surprise that companies are continually looking for some type of competitive edge with lead management software that can track leads and ultimately turn them into profits.
Dallas-based VanillaSoft, a lead management software specialist, believes it has created the most productive lead management software for inside sales teams and sales by phone with an application that handles millions of leads for small companies to Fortune-100 customers.
In addition, VanillaSoft offers autodialing and call recording support for more phone solutions than any other provider. The autodialing support is available for any major digital PBX, including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel (News - Alert), Mitel and Siemens NEC.
For starters, its auto dialing feature, the cornerstone of the platform, is compatible with existing analog, digital or VoIP telephone systems. This means no dumping that existing system to work in these VanillaSoft features.
VanillaSoft Auto-Dialing offers preview and progressive dialing, as well as creating call continuity and increasing call activity by 25 percent. And because it is compatibile with existing legacy telephone systems, dumping tested and comfortable existing technology is not necessary. These earlier investments are safe and can be incorporated with the auto-dialing features.
According to VanillaSoft, companies can save up to $150 per month per person in telecommunication charges compared to many alternative auto-dialing methods.
Dialing Points
VanillaSoft Auto-Dialing is Web-based and can take as little as one day to have a whole company synched up. The Auto dials can be used on any telephone system – analog, digital or VoIP, and even auto-dialing over home-based analog telephone – adding at least 50 percent  in productivity, without the need for predictive dialing or pre-recorded messages.
In addition, the system works with all major office telephone systems, Voice-over-IP systems, i.e. Vonage (News - Alert), Skype, and Asterisk, the open source PBX.

Last year, VanillaSoft announced that users of Covad's (News - Alert) VoIP telephone service can autodial their existing IP phones from within the lead management application. Because the autodialing support is based on Covad's universal click-to-call functionality any desk phone will be supported.
This includes the ability to use MP3 Voice Recording for every sales call, wherever the caller is located. The administrator can listen to recordings sorted by user, call disposition, from any location.
Lead tracking from "birth to death" of the lead is also incorporatd and VanillaSoft’s Real-time Business Intelligence on calling activity and lead conversion process ­–  leads contacted, conversion rate per user, per lead source, per campaign – have been major selling points on the system
Other features include: Customizable Call Scripting that assist users in complex sales conversations and market research; Customizable Lead Routing, allowing the administrators to decide what the "next best lead" for follow-up is; Instant Web Lead Distribution that provides the first available user in seconds instead of waiting at a mail box; Automatic Compliance with Calling Periods; and 100 percent Do-Not-Call list Protection.
In recent months, the "Do Not Call" legislation has snared several large for making phone calls to people on list, according to federal regulators. While these attempts appear to have been deliberate to skirt DNC rules, it is possible that companies could accidentally be in violations.

VanillaSoft helps business avoid these big penalties and companies can protect themselves against the federal DNC list fines with VanillaSoft’s Teleblock DNC screening and blocking service.
VanillaSoft is a CRM solution that helps firms improve their lead generation. Managers can administer all their leads, reps and call centers from a single Web-based dashboard.

Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim’s articles, please visit his columnist page.