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Call Centers to Benefit from VanillaSoft's No Distractions Desktop

October 09, 2009
By Kelly McGuire - Telemarketing Software Editor

For companies in the call center industry, often times, the measure of your performance is based on the internal operations and how well a call center’s customer relationship management, or “CRM,” system works.

That being said, providers of call center software need to keep their products at the top of the CRM software food chain, so that they can always provide their customers with the best software to fit their needs. Additionally, providers need to ensure that users of their products have more access to making calls, and less time with software and application distractions. 

In keeping up with this theme, lead management and telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft’s product lines are some of the most successful – and low maintenance – applications to utilize and improve on a company’s call center universe.

With both products being fully Web-based, a call center is not bogged down with time consuming software installations, and is able to maximize their work performances with sales agents spending less time navigating through software, and more time on the phone reaching clients.

According to company officials, VanillaSoft’s lead management and telemarketing software  can boost a team’s call productivity by 50 percent, and add more distribution leads to sales agents. This way, agents can turn over more sales, increasing a call centers revenue stream, while simultaneously keeping customer satisfaction level at an optimum high.

Both software packages have a plethora of features that can add exceptional style to a call center’s approach and abilities. These include, but are not limited to:

· A
uto dialer – both preview and progressive
· Call recording
· Real-time call management dashboard
· Team-based telemarketing scripts
· Customizable reporting
· Dynamic call routing
· Do-not-call compliance
· Time zone management
·  Web import for online leads
·  Pre-configured mail merge and e-mail templates

All of these features equal a unique quality that other CRM software doesn’t always have: no desk top distractions. 

When a sales agent is on a string of client calls, it’s often the desk top distractions that serve as the reason why a agent doesn’t make the next call immediately. According to company officials, VanillaSoft understands the demanding nature of agents and has worked to eliminate pesky distractions that come with other CRM systems. 

“Our sleek agent desktop keep the agent’s attention placed on the task at hand, making the next call,” VanillaSoft officials said. “Gone are all of the places to click, search, hunt and peck.”

And, the look has been accepted by many of VanillaSoft’s customers. “Our customers have shared with us that the ‘Vanilla-ness’ of our agent screen makes their representatives more productive and keeps them focused on the call,” company officials said. 

The company’s simple agent screen provides a short 30 minute training program that familiarizes a sales team with the new sleek desktop, and then sends the agents on their way.

With VanillaSoft, agents can do two things: make a very smart call and then make the next call, company officials said. And with these CRM software, it really is that simple.

Kelly McGuire is a TMCnet Editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire