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VanillaSoft Systems Ideal for Work at Home Agents

December 01, 2009
By Kelly McGuire - Telemarketing Software Editor

For lead management and telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft, it’s all about how much the company’s software can improve its users call activity. And, in an economy that is slowly accelerating from a recession, a company’s performance is the single factor that measures whether or not it stays afloat in a seemingly difficult time.

Additionally, for company’s looking to improve sales results, while staying within its monetary means, a system like VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing will not only scale down on a company’s budget, but will also increase save activity by a projected 25 percent or more. 

With companies in the call center or customer relationship management, or “CRM,” industries, there are many different telephone services that are utilized to perform sales calls, and manage daily operations. 

VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing, whether it is the company’s preview, progressive or predictive system, can adapt to various types of phone systems.

According to company officials, the VanillaSoft auto-dialing integration is simple with analog phones. By simply connected the phone into the analog modem in the back of a user’s computer, then connecting the modem to the telephone jack in the wall, a user can be up and running in no time. 

Perfect for callers at home, connecting with the auto-dialer on an analog phone is equipped with a universal call control protocol from VanillaSoft that allows a user to talk to the analog phone called Telephony Application Interface, or “TAPI.” 

By using a TAPI, users can access any of VanillaSoft’s auto-dialing systems from any location. This functionality is extremely important for the current economic state. 

As more and more companies are scaling back on travel arrangements, and additional costs associated with employees, the method to “work-at-home” is becoming increasingly popular. So, not only can a company save on costs of traditional phone systems with the auto-dialer options, but utilizing a work-at-home sales agent mentality with the analog phone system for an auto-dialer software option, is one way to keep chugging along in company performance, while minimizing expenses from all ends.

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Edited by Kelly McGuire