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Sales2.0 Becoming Mainstream? VanillaSoft Offers its Predictions

December 21, 2009
By Kelly McGuire - Telemarketing Software Editor

In continuing with last week’s discussion, lead management and telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft discusses its involvement in Sales2.0, a unique sales approach that adapts and excels to improve the efficiency of a company’s sales resources by changing purchasing behaviors.

VanillaSoft’s Vice President of Business Development, Bruce Bonini told TMCnet in a recent interview that he believes Sales2.0, going forward, will become more mainstream, as more and more companies adopt this selling mechanism. 

“We are across the chasm and at the early adoption point,” Bonini said. “Best in class companies already are deploying and using these tools to their competitive advantage.” 

And why does Bonini believe that Sales2.0 will create a new selling wave for agents in any industry?

The old selling models are dying, Bonini said, and traditional sales models have a heavy reliance on outside sales to carry the bulk of the selling process. And, due to this fact, the sales process is collapsing for many reasons.

To start, traditional selling methods are inefficient; an outside sales person can only engage a specific number of potential clients per day. Having a sales agent spend time on the road, versus at a desk making calls with one of VanillaSoft’s capable selling software, also limits visibility for agents with the potential to reach less people face to face, than they would on the phone.

In an economy where companies are trying to budget and cut funds as much as possible, a sales agent traveling to every potential buyer is also a very costly sales tactic. Not to mention, the pace at which a sales contract moves with outside sales is much slower in the traditional sales methods. 

Bonini also said that older models are tough to monitor and offer limited tools to facilitate coaching, training and ongoing refinement of the sales process.

It’s evident that traditional outside sales models are outdated and less productive. What’s more, Sales2.0 is well positioned in any sales industry as the system is quite advanced in shifting clients’ behavior from storing data to acting on it quickly and efficiently. 

According to Bonini, the customer relationship management, or “CRM,” market will shift into this Sales2.0, more actionable selling method.

“One size does not fit all and paying to modify and customize your CRM will fade,” Bonini said. “The time of buying flexible tools that let you set the rules with intuitive business based logic while monitoring and refining behavior will drive successful businesses.”

'We believe that social networking to connect and auto populate data about prospects/clients and deliver trigger events that matter to your business will evolve as part of the automation of sales intelligence to help drive next step actions,” he added.

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Edited by Kelly McGuire