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Telemarketing Software to Cell Phones? No(t Yet)

March 04, 2010
By David Sims - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

An e-mail message that claims telemarketers and telemarketing software will soon ring your cell is making the rounds, unsettling the burghers. But like any good urban legend, it’s catchy, believable – “They would, too, wouldn’t they!” and fake.

From Huntington, West Virginia’s WSAZ comes the news that an e-mail message claiming telemarketers soon will ring your cell is fake.

When faced with the urban legend, WSAZ did what any self-respecting news agency would do, and checked out “Snopes backs up its information with plenty of sources to discredit an e-mail in question,” the station noted correctly.

The bottom line they found there at Flem’s Site is that “telemarketing calls to cell phones have not happened, and they won’t anytime soon.” But still, “You can go ahead and register your cell phone with the national Do Not Call List, which will not hurt anything.”

Turns out that might be a good idea. Like everything else in this fallen world of ours, neither Snopes nor WSAZ are infallible. Commenting on WSAZ’s reporting, Debbie says “actually, a law was passed under Bush allowing the cell numbers to go public which would open them up to telemarketers and there was a do not call registry on a government web site you had to sign onto. So yes it is possible people get these calls.”

Ann, likewise, begs to differ. “My husband and I received calls on our cell phone regarding car insurance, and I filed a complaint with the DNC registry. It was easy to do, and we received satisfaction and... no more calls! If you are receiving 10-12 solicitations on your cell phone a day, you have a problem and should file a complaint.”

And jcd offers that “I get telemarketers calls all the time on my cell phone found the do no call for cell phones ...have not any calls in 2 weeks !!! Whoever wrote this article need to do research before submitting storys and they need to check by someone in charge.”

And maybe, jcd, you could run your posts by the spell checker, too?

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

Edited by Kelly McGuire