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Getting Back to Basics: Telemarketing, Unscripted

June 07, 2010
By Juliana Kenny - Telemarketing Software Managing Editor

Nobody likes hearing her phone ring, glancing at the caller ID and seeing an unrecognized number. Nowadays it could be anything: a Census worker, an old friend you hoped never to hear from again, or worse, a telemarketer.

The bad rap that the telemarketing industry has received from 'a few bad apples' in the business is no one's fault but its own, according to a recent blog post by Ken Murray, president of VanillaSoft.

While companies make choices concerning technology, they lose sight of their original purposes and the original drive to present the best customer experience. As the Lead Management software technology and processes have been abused over the years, customers have rejected this form of communication with businesses. There is even a prevalent fear throughout the general public that telemarketers will habitually call your cell phone, according to an article by TMCnet's David Sims.

With this kind of industrial history, Murray calls for a throwback, not to old terminology when modern day 'Inside Sales Representatives' were known as 'telemarketers,' but 'by embracing the core activity of what you do and how you drive business.' He claims that any telemarketing business in need of Lead Management software can increase its efficiency and competence of sales representatives by embracing the historic origins of the telemarketing industry. 'You can make better choices regarding people, technology and processes,' if you focus your research on companies to provide software for you that are focused on your core activity.

Despite the fancy names that 'telemarketing' and 'telemarketers' have been given, i.e. 'Lead Management' and 'Inside Sales Reps,' the same solid technology software is still required to provide quality CRM functions for any company. Murray maintains that,'the point is, we still sell over the telephone and we still make cold calls - many of them to people that in truth would probably rather not hear from us.  We still deploy technology to increase our efficiency in making the calls.  We just don't want to call it telemarketing.'

Even though it may not be possible to escape the dreaded unrecognized number response from customers, it can certainly be ameliorated through a regrouping of company activity. In the case of Lead Management software, that requires looking back a few years, and refocusing your interests on software providers that are focused on your best interests.

Juliana Kenny is a TMCnet reporter and editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michael Dinan