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Telemarketing Calls for Children Can Signal Identity Theft

August 26, 2010
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk Editor

When it comes to keeping kids safe online – especially from the harm of identity theft there, there are a number of things parents need to watch out for. Along with teaching them about keeping their personal identifying information like Social Security number private.

According to Intersections Inc., it’s important to screen for telemarketing calls that come into the home asking for a child. This is one indication that someone may have fraudulently used the child’s name or info. to make purchases or sign up for services.

A new list of tips from the provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services helps parents protect their school-aged children from becoming young victims of identity theft.The Do Not Call list was establish to protect telemarketing firms from calling people if there is no relationship with the caller. Adding the home phone number to this list can help screen for the types of telemarketing calls that do come in as adults should recognize the company mentioned in the call.

Telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft offers full DNC compliance and time zone management with their telemarketing software to ensure peace of mind for the call center agents and the homes receiving these calls.

VanillaSoft’s telemarketing software is designed to assist in complying with legislation surrounding management of do-not-call lists and to ensure compliance with other legal telecommunications guidelines.

According to company officials, their partnership with the compliance professionals at Call Compliance (News - Alert) Inc. has added value through the dynamic Teleblock’s DNC scrubbing service on-demand.

This solution makes it possible for each call routed to an agent to first be checked against federal and state DNC lists to ensure that the person being called is not on the respective lists, removing this burden from the sales team and giving them more time to sell.

Other tips Intersections offered as part of their list for parents includes staying involved with a child's online activities and monitoring what their doing online.  Using parental control software or services to help monitor what your children are doing online can be useful.

"Intersections believes that education and awareness can help consumers, and in this case, parents of young children, modify their behaviors and minimize the impacts of identity theft and fraud.  Education is one of the most effective weapons against identity theft. We want to help parents understand the risks and know what to do if theft does occur," said Intersections CEO and founder, Michael Stanfield.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi