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Telemarketing Software Featured Articles

Sales Reps Can't Afford to Make a Weak Opening Statement
Considering the increasing number of telemarketing calls being dropped, sales representatives need to be prepared for the rare live call with a strong and engaging opening statement.

How to Take the Dread Out of Cold Calling
The ideal way to ensure that cold calling doesn't get put off is to make it easier for the people who have to do it. By adopting a solution that includes dialing technology (no more tiresome manual dialing), analytics to choose the best times to make a connection, and scripting, sales organizations can take some of the pain out of the cold calling process.

The Importance of Sales Lead Tracking Solutions
Using a sales lead tracking solution can help businesses retain a higher lead-to-close ratio while boosting productivity and efficiencies.

VanillaSoft is in the Top Sales Tools of 2017, Again
For the fifth consecutive year, VanillaSoft has been included in the Top Sales Tools list by Smart Selling Tools. This time around it was for increased call productivity and other improvements in the Sales Prospecting and Communication category.

VanillaSoft to Bring Telemarketing Software to TRANSACT Show
VanillaSoft has a complete exhibition planned for the TRANSACT 2017 show in Las Vegas.

Workflow Automation and a Well-Defined Sales Process Can Lead to Success
Workflow automation combined with a well-defined sales process can be key differentiators in today's competitive sales climate.

Is Your CRM Actually Helping Sales?
CRM tools are increasingly prized in organizations, but what do you do when they don't hold up under fire?

From Potential to Long-Term Client: Your Guide to Effective Lead Management
Acquiring new customers may be challenging, but it's not impossible. In fact, effective lead management can be broken down into just four stages: initial generation, filtering, contact, and nurturing the lead. With these stages, it may be possible to convert a potential customer into a long-term client very efficiently.

Technology Can Augment and Manage the Sales Follow-Up Process
When used correctly, technology tools can manage and augment the sales process and make follow-ups more successful.

Telemarketing Software Improves Lead Management
With the right telemarketing software, a company employee can create new records for the calls that are made and store the information discovered during that call with a prospect. The software provides inside sales personnel with a "dashboard" that contains information and functionality.

Technology Reverses the Traditional Sales Process
Inside reps using telemarketing software are able to connect customer data and history to future steps that should be taken to turn names in a database into customers.

Telemarketing Software Can Save Sales Opportunities
Uncalled leads are missed opportunities that could have benefited the company. However, there is a solution: telemarketing software. VanillaSoft's Queue-Based Priority Lead Routing software routes and distributes leads automatically.

Improve Engagement With Catchy Email Subject Lines
According to a recent blog post by Genie Parker writing for VanillaSoft, personalized subject lines are the key to email outreach success. She suggests salespeople make email subject lines creative, interest-provoking and informative.

Sales Prospecting Doesn't Have to Be Hard
Sales prospecting is necessary for today's telemarketers. It's so important to bring in possible customers - almost more important even than giving attention to loyal customers.

CRM is More Effective with Sales Workflow Automation
The goal of any sales workflow solution or telemarketing software is to increase the amount of time salespeople spend selling by automating rote practices that don't lead to facetime with customers or prospects, such as dialing the phone.

IoT Sales Engineers Combine Tech Savvy and Business Skills
The IoT space has some unique challenges when it comes to marketing and selling solutions, and sales engineers bring an ideal combination of business acumen and technical knowledge to the table.

Sales Isn't a War: Focus on the Customer
Many companies today rely on automated solutions, particularly for inside sales. Telemarketing solutions and sales workflow software help speed up the process and keep sales enablement materials at hand. But consider how helpful it might be if sales departments built in more time for "girl selling": more listening, more time to gather information and more collaboration.

When it Comes to Sales Success, Appearance Matters
Armed with a plethora of relevant information about the client (from CRM, telemarketing software or sales enablement materials), successful salespeople are always prepared, and this includes personal appearance.

Evoke Emotions If You Want to Increase Sales
Getting customers to buy today takes more than just telling them about your products and services; you need to pull at heart strings and evoke emotions.

Sales Reps Need to Do their Homework Before Email Prospecting
Sales representatives need to do their homework and carefully construct prospecting emails, demonstrating a working knowledge of their recipients and offering a clear and concise path to engagement.

Sales Coaching: Do You Have What it Takes?
While telemarketing software brings the tools to call centers and teams to help them succeed, there is a human element that can't be ignored. Here are some tips for sales coaching and what it takes to succeed.

Onboarding New Hires for Sales Coaching
Telemarketing software solutions ease the burden of manual processes and help you to deliver better results. But there are still things you can be doing wrong when it comes to new hire practices. Here are some tips for getting new hires up to speed faster and better.

The Most Important Role of the Sales Manager
Sales management software or telemarketing software can help sales employees follow the right procedure, find the answers they need, update managers and supervisors, manage leads, set alerts for future actions and educate themselves about a customer or an account before they call.

The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing
One of the benefits of Internet marketing is that it's much easier to collect data than traditional types of marketing, but just because you have the numbers doesn't mean you're getting the full story. In fact, if you're not making lead validation part of your Internet marketing process, you're getting only a small portion of the information you need, and that can quickly sink your efforts.

The Powerful Role of Technology in Inside Sales
As the sales world moves "inside," businesses and customers alike can benefit from technology and tools designed to enhance the inside sales process.

You Have Three Seconds to Make an Email Marketing Impression
By segmenting your list of email prospects correctly - something that's easy to do with lead management software that's often part of telemarketing software - you can be sure you're sending the right email offers to the right prospects.

Be Smart About Sales Cold Calling
Relevant calling requires information before the call is placed. This is where good telemarketing software comes into play. It helps sales professionals warm their cold calls and create a specific game plan for each properly targeted call.

Lead Management Software Helps Build an Effective Sales Timeline
There is often high turnover in sales, and when sales people leave, they take the momentum on certain leads with them unless those leads are properly documented in a telemarketing software solution that includes alerts, reminders and other automated features.

The Power of Sensory Marketing
The practice of sensory marketing and branding appeals directly to customers' emotions and is a powerful tool across all types of industries.

Customer Care: When Picking Favorites is Okay
Putting more focus on the important customers that are more likely to do business with you isn't necessarily a bad thing. Focus on bettering your telemarketing software and skills and get it right this time.

Social Selling Isn't Replacing Traditional Selling Anytime Soon
While social media has changed the way individuals communicate with one another, it has also had major implications for the way the world does business. It helps with networking, human resources, business partnerships, supply chains and marketing, among other functions. It's also had a significant impact on sales, and the rise of "social selling" has been meteoric.

Proper Lead Management Fills the Sales Pipeline
Lead management features, which are often part of telemarketing solutions can ensure that inside salespeople are following all the steps necessary to warm cold leads, ensure the right contacts are made (and the right material shared) at the right time.

Avoiding 'Spray and Pray' Email Marketing
Email marketing solutions, which can work in conjunction with telemarketing software solutions, can help inside sales teams hit the right tone, personalize the message and customize emails for different groups of leads with different leads, particularly if they operate in conjunction with a company's customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation solution.

Text Messaging and the Modern Sales Team
A recent blog from telemarketing software provider VanillaSoft looks at the ways sales teams can be successful using text messaging in their arsenal of tools.

Sales Talent Can Use Software to Deep Practice and Improve Performance
The process of Deep Practice, slowing down, analyzing and error correcting each step in a task, can be beneficial for sales associates. By using software and video applications, sales professionals can fine-tune their techniques to yield better and more profitable results.

Bridging the Sales Gap
It's critical that you ensure that inside sales personnel follow a logical process to bridge the sales gap. Telemarketing software solutions can help set the pace and let the sales personnel know when the time is right to move from "soft selling" to hard selling.

Face-to-Face Selling Advantages Are Lost in Digital Selling
In a digital selling environment, sales people are having to do without that extra information they gained from watching body language. Essentially, outside sales people are finding themselves at the same disadvantage that inside sale personnel relying on telemarketing software have always faced.

Telemarketing Software Helps Sales Improve the Customer Experience
While it's up to the sales manager to determine the customer experience cultivation strategy, automation or telemarketing software can ensure the strategy is being followed.

Cold Calling: Getting it Right the First Time
Cold calling is a scary and necessary step of the sales process. Instead of flying blind or sending prospects running in fear, use telemarketing software and these basic tips to get it right the first time around.

Is Your Sales Team Wasting Money Hunting for Leads?
Your sales team might be bringing in lots of leads, but how many of those are actually translating to a sale? Use telemarketing software so you don't waste money trying to make a sale blindsided.

AI Helps Improve Lead Generation and Management for Sales
Some sales organizations have dedicated lead management personnel, but not all are large enough to keep a full-time lead manager on staff. According to Genie Parker of VanillaSoft, artificial intelligent (AI) can go a long way toward making sure leads are dealt with correctly.

Seven Ways to Boost Your Sales with Limited Resources
Are you a small business owner who is struggling to differentiate your businesses' services against the competition? Do you want to improve your sales, but are unable to do it with limited resources? Don't worry; in this blog post we are sharing seven surefire ways to augment your small business sales with limited resources.

Telemarketing Software Solutions Use Data to Create Actionable Intelligence
To meet sales goals, ensure you choose a sales or telemarketing solution that seamlessly weds your data with an easy-to-use solution that turns the data into actionable sales intelligence that allows your sales professionals to act on it to better personalize the customer experience.

Automating Lead Nurturing for Successful Sales
Telemarketing software can help inside or outside sales teams ensure they're remembering when to do which tasks to help nurture sales from leads to closed sales as quickly and effectively as possible.

Using Telemarketing Software to Shift to Self-Service
Consumers want self-service, and telemarketing software can play a part. To ensure success, develop the right strategy.

Effective Inside Sales Teams Put Customers' Needs First
Engage in selling, but also use outbound calling as a way to do something for your customers. Check in to make sure a product or service is meeting their expectations. (A good telemarketing software solution can help schedule these check-ins and remind inside sales to perform them.)

Telemarketing Software Helps Nurture Lead Management
Lead progression, or moving leads along the sales cycle toward purchasing behavior, is one of the most important aspects of lead management. It's helpful to use telemarketing software that will remind inside sales personnel what steps need to be taken and when, with multiple reminders.

Telemarketing Software and the Importance of Marketing
Telemarketing software is a powerful tool when combined with the right balance between sales and marketing. The small business unable to understand the difference between sales and marketing is likely to fail.

Telemarketing Pros From VanillaSoft Land Honors
Three VanillaSoft executives land awards in sales lead management for telemarketing systems.

Negativity is the Venom that Kills Success
Staying positive and upbeat is critical when you are managing a team of employees. Especially for those tasked with sales and telemarketing, reducing negativity in the workplace is critical for success.

CRM Improves the Effectiveness of Telemarketing
The centralization of customer data, coupled with many of the data analytics tools built into many of today's telemarketing software solutions, can maximize inside salespeople's performances and help managers understand where they may need help or extra training.

Be Real: No One Wants a Pushy Salesperson
Don't be that pesky salesperson who sounds like all they are trying to do is make a sale as soon as possible. Take the time to learn about your customers' needs and allow them to make the decision-telemarketing software can help with that process.

VanillaSoft Updates Telemarketing Software with SMS and Credit Card Capabilities
Telemarketing software providers continue to refine their products, adding features that help sales reps communicate with prospects and customers in a very twenty-first century way: most notably, text messaging and payment processing.

Tips to Effectively Closing the Telemarketing Sales Call
Telemarketing software is half of the battle to reaching sales goals. It's also important to incorporate genuine value into the conversation to get to the successful close.

Use Holiday Time to Plan for 2017's Sales Year
Sales managers can plan for a better 2017 using the holiday "downtime" to evaluate existing processes and telemarketing software assets.

Tips for Easing the Cold Call
Cold calling is always a challenge, even with telemarketing software in place. Look to these tips to help improve performance and outcomes.

Make Outbound Telemarketing Smarter and More Data Rich
While the challenges to outbound sales or telemarketing are mounting - call blocking technology, a proliferation in mobile phones, legislation barring the use of dialers and automated messages - for companies willing to put in the work and follow the rules, the results can be lucrative.

Successfully Landing Appointments is All in the Details
In the sales world, getting the appointment with the prospect is one of the most important things to accomplish. You can't close if you aren't in communication with the person who has the power to say "Yes." But there are steps that need to be followed in order to secure the appointment in the first place. Having telemarketing software on hand is a great start, but the agent with the right approach is much more successful.

Keep Prospecting Skills Sharp with Regular Practice
Prospecting is at the core of any sales organization. It's the activity that fills the pipeline and keeps the organization afloat. It's never a "one and done" job; it's a process that should be attended to on a daily basis by people whose livelihood depends on it. Creating new opportunities should be the number one task on any salespersons' list.

Sales Automation Solutions Improve Digital Selling Processes
Once upon a time, when it came to high price tag sales, face-to-face sales meetings were mandatory. As company travel budgets have been trimmed and digital collaboration technologies have improved, however, the idea of sales transactions "without a handshake" has become more acceptable.

Better Sales Workflow Management Means More Selling Time
If you manage a sales team, think about it: what do your sales personnel spend most of the day doing? If your organization is like most others, they spend most of their day doing administrative work, dialing the phone, listening to voicemail, leaving messages, rooting around for sales enablement material and catching up on customers' purchasing histories. The amount of time they spend actually selling is often quite small.

Landing a Sale is about More than Appointment Scheduling
Getting the attention of potential customers so you can pitch them is key to sales for so many businesses. So much so that companies today are even employing appointment schedulers tasked solely with scheduling potential leads to meet with sales team members to hopefully close a deal.

Selling to the Millennial Buyer is Simple
If you're lucky enough to be involved in sales of any kind, then you know just how important it is to know your target audience and know them well. Nothing screams 'spam' more than a sales pitch that's generic and irrelevant.

Building Sales Rapport Means Learning to Tell Stories
Good sales enablement materials are critical to the sales process. Today, there are more choices than ever, and include digital media such as video and animation. While these tools can be used to enhance the sales process, however, it's important they don't detract from the most critical part of the puzzle: the ability to tell a story.

Being Successful at Sales is the Sum of Many Variables
When it comes to telemarketing, and sales in general, having deep knowledge and business savvy about your industry and the products and services you're selling is one small part of the equation. There are a number of components that factor into a successful sales transaction, and those who wish to compete and actually win the business need to approach the situation with awareness of all the variables.

Software Can Help Automate the Art and Science of Inside Sales
Business-to-business selling relies heavily on the inside sales team to move forward. Selling b-to-b isn't like selling to consumers: there are multiple steps and stages to go through before you can even consider a face-to-face meeting to close the sale. For high ticket items, this means a lot of sales and marketing personnel need to do their due diligence before they even begin the process.

The Shift from Face-to-Face to Inside Sales
Today, technology has brought huge changes in the way inside sales are managed, monitored and automated. It's appropriate, since inside sales is a changing profession. Once upon a time, inside sales' job was simply to take orders and finish paperwork on sales that had already been made by the outside sales team. This is no longer the case.

How to Win Customers: The Saga Continues
Winning customers - it's what we all want, right? A chance to prove that our offering is better than the competition and that we're worthy to have a repeat relationship with. Achieving that goal, however, has been the bane of all companies near and far.

Three Tips for Influencing People Toward Your Desired Outcome
Change doesn't come easy. There's a reason why the status quo has staying power - people like the way things have always been because it's comfortable, they know it and there are few surprises. But that doesn't mean it's good for business.

Understanding the "Three Bears" of Auto-Dialers to Improve Inside Sales Metrics
In inside sales, the number of calls per hour is an important metric that is often used to measure the success of a campaign as well as the individual performance of sales people. The amount of time that is often wasted in manually dialing calls is enormous, and it can seriously depress the calls per hour metric.

Drip into Prospects' Emails, Stay Fresh in their Minds
E-mail has become an important tool for marketers today because it offers the opportunity to notify prospects and customers about promotions or other pitches as well as remind and offer follow up. It's much less intrusive than calling people when they don't want to be bothered, or sending out paper mailers that get tossed in the garbage and never read. But nonetheless, there is a fine line between sending e-mails that get you noticed or becoming a nuisance to people's inboxes.

The Right Tools to Succeed in Inside Sales
While most sales organizations may like to think they're a finely tuned machine, the hard data often doesn't support this. Sales organizations - particularly inside sales - often suffer from high turnover, poor management, insufficient tools and lackluster results. While it seems like a no-brainer that there is room for improvement in most companies, many have no idea where to start.

Avoiding Common Inside Sales and Telemarketing Mistakes
The practice of inside sales or telemarketing, particularly for business-to-business selling, is an onerous one. Typical outbound agents make hundreds of calls a day, and most of the time they're encountering voicemail, whether it's on prospects' landlines or mobile phones. Many inside sales managers believe that quantity is what counts, which is often why they turn to telemarketing software such as dialers. While it's true that the more calls you make, the more connections you're going to take, there comes a time when sales managers should focus on quality instead of quantity. As Ada Frost wrote recently for HubSpot, the traditional definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Telemarketing Rules for Leaving Voicemails
If you're in the business of selling things, chances are you're familiar with scripts and knowing just the right thing to say at the right time. This is a pertinent talent in sales, and especially in telemarketing where phone skills are essential. But not just when a call is connected with potential customers or buyers is it necessary to know exactly what to say; even when leaving a voicemail, knowing just what to say can be the thing that makes or breaks a deal.

Learning from Sales Mistakes
Sales is far from the easiest job in the world. This is particularly true in the case of telemarketing, or inside sales that take place over the telephone. Often, inside salespeople need to make dozens or even hundreds of calls for every sale they get. Just as often, what might look like it's going to turn into a sale crumbles into nothing at the last moment. As a sales manager, it's easy to blame sales personnel. But there are many reasons why sales that are "close, but no cigar" fail to happen. Rather than pointing fingers, a good sales manager should use the opportunity to find out what went wrong so processes, scripts or sales training can be altered to avoid the scenario in the future.

How to Avoid the Awkward Follow-Up Call
Telemarketing doesn't always have the best reputation. While a very effective marketing tool, too many dinnertime calls from pushy sales people turned a once viable option for growing a business into an activity that can land a company in a class action lawsuit when the rules aren't followed appropriately.

Sales Managers' Effectiveness Increases with "Soft Skills"
Sales managers are responsible for whether sales employees succeed or fail. Fair or not, the perception of an employee as successful is determined nearly 100 percent by the sales manager. Unfortunately, not all sales managers have great interpersonal and communications skills. (Just Google "worst bosses" and you'll find a laundry list of horror stories.)

Five Ways to Motivate the Sales Team in Summer
Summer is starting to wind down. Kids are going back to school, temperatures are trying to break and fall clothing is filling every retail window in town. Still, Labor Day hasn't arrived and the temptation to hold on to those last few days of warm weather and late nights on the deck may be spilling over into the work day.

Dynamic Scripting Allows Inside Reps to "Branch Out"
It's not unusual for companies training sales professionals to begin new hires on inside sales, or telemarketing. The thinking is that sales people should cut their teeth over the telephone before they begin the complex, multimedia process of face-to-face sales. While it's generally a good idea, there are times when it means putting important prospects on the telephone with raw recruits, which isn't always a great idea. For this reason, many companies that rely on inside sales with new hires choose to use scripting to ensure that trainees are hitting all the proper elements.

VanillaSoft Receives Recognition from TMC
Based on the description provided by Hood, it sounds like VanillaSoft is dedicated to improving communications and sales processes around the world. By enabling clients to have a better experience with their communications solution, the company is relieving the burden that often falls on their clients. VanillaSoft lets clients focus on managing customer calls, which is ultimately rewarding for everyone.

Successful Sales Require Uncovering Customer Pain Points
Even if you've managed to determine what your prospects might need, you may still be a long way from determining what they really want. The best way to do this, according to a recent article by Aja Frost writing for HubSpot, is by determining prospects' and customers' pain points. Your biggest enemy in this step is that customers are often too willing to keep the status quo in place, even if they're suffering.

How to Make Every Telemarketing Call Count
The same strategies can apply for sales teams trying to secure the next closed sale. The key is to understand the person on the other end of the line and why they want to talk to you. When you can guide the direction of the conversation in a way that matters to them, you're much more likely to end the call with a win.

Understanding the 80/20 Rule in Sales
As a sales manager, if you were to track your sales team for a year and accurately and painstakingly record each task your sales team engages in at every moment of every day (it's not possible, but let's imagine it is), you'd probably find that your sales personnel spend about 80 percent of their time doing tasks that don't lead directly to sales. Whether it's paperwork, training, data entry, phone calls to answering machines or "busywork," it's time-killing administrative work that generally leads nowhere.

When Building Call Center Support, It's All About the Culture
The call center is one of the most important divisions in any company as it offers the primary interaction point between the company and its customers. For too many organizations, however, the importance placed on recruiting, training and employee retention programs for call center employees is lacking. The culture doesn't support the type of interactions customers demand, meaning that something has to change.

Logical Branch Scripting Builds Consistency into Sales Efforts
Many sales deals, particularly in the business-to-business arena, fall through simply because, ultimately, the prospect believes - whether correctly or erroneously - that the product or service is not right for their organization. This misunderstanding happens when the sales person isn't prepared with the right pitch, the right sales enablement materials or the right knowledge about the customer. In a perfect world, sales people would know everything there is to know about a prospect before beginning the pitch. Unfortunately, it's often not the case, and unexpected roadblocks crop up that derail the sale.

A Scalable and Flexible Sales Strategy is Critical for Long-Term Success
Scalability is an integral part of any business strategy today. Technology must be scalable and flexible in a service-driven, on-demand economy, and this is particularly true when applied to sales and marketing strategies. A one-size-fits-all approach to sales and telemarketing is neither practical nor effective in an ever-fluctuating and evolving business landscape.

Seven Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online
The most important part of any social media marketing strategy is lead generation. If you do not know how to identify your potential customers, your social media market campaign lacks strategy big time. There is not just a right way to generate these sales leads online. Every business's target market is different and so should be their lead generating strategies.

Software Can Help Representatives Maintain a Structured Sales Process
One of the worst nightmares for any sales representative is spending months communicating with a prospect, putting in time and energy to cultivate a relationship, only to be told "no" to the sale or deal at the end of the day. Time and money is wasted for both parties involved, and both ends walk away with nothing to show for their efforts.

Slow Summer Months Are Great for Sales Department Overhauls
Metrics. How are you monitoring and measuring sales? Does the formula for running the sales organization work? Have you tested new metrics to give you a better idea to pipeline velocity? What leading indicators are business drivers? Were your sales forecasts/commitments accurate? If not why not?

Automate Telemarketing Sales Processes to Raise the Value of Each Contact
Just as customer communications with contact centers are no longer confined to a single channel anymore, marketing efforts can no longer be stuck in one channel. While "omnichannel," or the idea of customers beginning a support transaction in one channel and transitioning to others, began in the contact center, it just as easily applies to marketing efforts. If you're sending a half dozen marketing messages to customers, each different depending on the channel, how do you expect to make sense of such a fragmented campaign? How will you measure the results?

The Best Way to Lose a Customer to the Competition
There's a distinct question I ask when making a purchase decision - is there a relationship? Take insurance, for example. A friend reached out and wanted to provide a quote as she's building her business. While I don't have any complaints with my current provider, I also don't know who my agent is today. I originally set up the policy with a friend who has since retired and his replacement never reached out. There's no relationship there so why not give my other friend a shot at the business?

Good Selling Means Helping Solve Your Clients' Problems
When it comes to selling, whether it's in-person or via the telephone in the form of outbound telemarketing, one of the biggest challenges, of course, is getting your client to understand why he or she (or the company) needs to take action. Inertia is a big roadblock to sales: many people would like to stand still and take no action, limping along with old equipment, old software or proprietary systems that may not be working for them anymore. They are still, however, reluctant to take action…because of inertia. Doing nothing always seems like the easiest option.

How Automation Can Improve Sales Outcomes
There's a lot that must be done in a typical day for the inside sales person to be successful. In some environments, the tasks that must be completed are actually contributing to more opportunities and a higher close rate. More often than not, however, sales reps are being robbed of the opportunity to sell simply because their time is being eaten up by busy work that doesn't actually help move the process along.

View Customer Objections in Outbound Selling as Opportunities
There's a reason why outbound telemarketing is a scary prospect for some companies: it's a difficult job. It's also fraught with pitfalls like unreceptive - even rude - prospects, hang-ups and seemingly fruitless strings of voice mails. Customer objections are common, and many outbound sales agents aren't prepared to handle them. Despite all this, there's a reason that smart companies still engage in outbound sales: despite the pitfalls, it still gets results.

Canceled Appointments Putting Sales Quotas Out of Reach
For the inside sales professional relying on telemarketing software, the challenges could not be greater. Customers are quick to ignore calls or messages. They are quick to bail on an appointment at a moment's notice. They view the phone as an interruption and are too smart and informed on a product to respond to promotional incentives. IDC research suggests that 85 percent of sales professionals are struggling to meet quotas, putting more importance on gaining control over the top of funnel activities.

Outbound Marketing Forms One Wall of a Proactive Customer Relationship
There's a reason people associate contact centers with problems: traditionally, when a customer had a difficulty such as a billing error, a wrong shipment or an unexpected fee, he or she would pick up the phone and dial the contact center. As such, customer support has often been dedicated to helping customers sort out issues. But today, the contact center needs to be much more than a problem-solving entity.

The Best Inside Sales Blogs from VanillaSoft in 2016
Telemarketing software provider Vanilla Soft recently compiled a list of their ten best blogs from the first half of 2016. Here are some of the most important insights that salespeople and managers alike can learn and apply to their own organizations.

Never Leave Cold Calling Up to the Newbies
To avoid these challenges, the telemarketing software provider suggests that you elevate your cold calling to a professional level, invest in your call center agents, create a game plan, invest in telemarketing tools and put automation in place to support calling activities. With the right approach, cold calling can be very effective. The key is to ensure it's not left to the novice so as to leverage every opportunity.

A Little Analysis Can Help Outbound 'Phonathons' Become More Lucrative
Outbound work, particularly for fundraising, is one of the most challenging business processes in the world. (Asking people for money is never easy.) Using the right tools, however, the most onerous tasks can be automated, and the process can go a lot faster and more professionally.

What You Need to Make the Most of Every Call
To that end, it can help to create a script ahead of time to address these particular situations. Nothing's worse than getting an individual on the phone who's willing to get you to the right person and you've wasted the opportunity by not having the right words ready to go. Be prepared for these situations. After all, you're not likely to start the call with a simple one-word greeting, but you have to be prepared to take the conversation further than the introduction.

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