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TMCNet:  MiTek's BuilderMT & Sales Simplicity Announce Their Latest Technology Development: Sales Simplicity Azure

[May 10, 2017]

MiTek's BuilderMT & Sales Simplicity Announce Their Latest Technology Development: Sales Simplicity Azure

MiTek's (News - Alert)® BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity today jointly announced their latest technology development: Sales Simplicity will soon be running native in Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure.

Sales Simplicity has long been a cloud-based solution, but now, through Microsoft Azure, Sales Simplicity offers true enterprise capability, ranging from big data analytics and support of hybrid (cloud / on-premises) environments, to scalability that can handle more than tens of thousands of simultaneous users. Azure also allows Sales Simplicity to assign more CPU, RAM (News - Alert), and drive space "at the turn of a dial" to address customer needs. Plus, since every customer is essentially on their own server, there are no resource constraints when delivering the full power of Sales Simplicity.

With Sales Simplicity Azure, users can also access integration expertise from Microsoft certified support partners, in addition to the professional services teams from BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity.

Since Azure is Windows-based, users can write applications in programming languages used for Windows apps (Visual Basic, C++, and C#) or use tools like Visual Studio or ASP.NET (News - Alert). Azure also supports so-called open standards, such as HTTP and XML.

Home builders who had been hosting Sales Simplicity on their own servers, or home builders new to Sales Simplicity, can now experience dramatic cost avoidance on IT infrastructure by simply accessing Sales Simplicity through a browser, but with the security assurances offered by Microsoft.

"Sales Simplicity continues to win new customers among the very largest home builders, and these customer demand true enterprise-class cloud computing, which is what we now offer with Sales Simplicity Azure," said Rico Rodriguez, Sales Simplicity's General Manager.

This news about Azure follows the announcement of the MiTek Builder Technology Summit, which will feature a wide range of educational/training sessions, as well as technology demonstrations. The Summit will feature MiTek's builder-focused companies and software platforms, including BuilderMT, Cubit, DIY Technologies, Sales Simplicity, SAPPHIRE Supply, SAPPHIRE® Build (KOVA), and Wrightsoft, as well as integration partner-companies linked to MiTek solutions, including Avid Ratings, CG Visions, Build Intelligence (DOMO), Event 1 Software (Liberty Reports), LandDev, Punchlist Manager / Inspection Manager, Specitup, and Western Computer. The MiTek Builder Technology Summit will be held at the Naples Beach and Golf Hotel, in Naples Florida, September 19-22, 2017. Learn more: www.MiTekBuilderTechnologySummit.com

About Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity (a MiTek company) is the creator and marketer of leading sales automation, content management, lead management, eMarketing and reporting management tools for new single-family, semi-custom and custom homes, condos, and multi-family housing, or for use by realtors. Learn more: www.SalesSimplicity.net or call (480) 892-2500.

About BuilderMT

For the home building industry at large, BuilderMT (a MiTek company) provides highly-customizable workflow and building-process-management software that works in tandem with leading accounting systems and other wireless and jobsite productivity tools, such as CRM and warranty management. For 20 years, BuilderMT systems have been purchased by more than 1,000 home builders and cumulatively used as a desktop workflow tool by upwards of 10,000 home building professionals. To learn more, visit www.BuilderMT.com, or call (888) 757-1991 ext. 271.

About MiTek

MiTek USA is a division of MiTek Industries, a diversified global supplier of software, engineered products, services, and equipment to the residential, commercial, and industrial, construction sectors. MiTek Industries' passion for its associates' well-being and its customers' success is the company's hallmark. A Berkshire Hathaway company (NYSE: BRK-A, NYSE: BRK-B) since 2001, MiTek has operations in more than 40 countries on six continents. Learn more: www.MiTek-us.com and www.MII.com.

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