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Telemarketing Software: Strategic Sales Systems Implements Customized Sage SalesLogix for Frederic Roofing

April 05, 2011
By Deepika Mala - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Strategic Sales Systems, a premier provider of CRM solutions has provided customized Sage SalesLogix to Frederic Roofing, a premier commercial and residential roofing contractor headquartered in St. Louis, to help it meet its unique requirements.

Frederic Roofing was in need of a way to speed bid turnaround time and increase visibility into open opportunities. In a press release, Jim Ott, estimator for Frederic Roofing, said: “We had a manual system, some of us used pen and paper, others used spreadsheets. Then we'd type up a contract, and mail the bid to the customer. Depending on our work load, it could take several days to complete the bid and during that time, there wasn't an easy way to know which proposals we were working on.”

Now, with the customized Sage SalesLogix CRM solution, Frederic Roofing will be able to better track its open opportunities and empower estimators to generate and print bids while on site.

Company officials of Frederic Roofing said that estimators run Sage SalesLogix on their laptops and are able to enter dimensions and materials into the application and generate and print a professional, accurate bid while they are on site with a potential customer.

 Also, since the software and a copy of the database run on the laptops, no Internet service is required in order for the estimators to be productive.

The customized Sage SalesLogix has helped Frederic Roofing management to have visibility into all open proposals, with access to the status of each, and the probability of closing. The company is also able to monitor its call volume, track how many site visits resulted in a bid, and how many bids were converted into a sale.

In related news, Strategic Sales Systems implements Sage SalesLogix for KaMin LLC, a manufacturer of kaolin clay.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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