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What is Telemarketing Software?

June 08, 2011
By Juliana Kenny - Telemarketing Software Managing Editor

Telemarketing software is a system for making numerous list-based calls. This can include tools such as auto dialers, call recording, and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. Telemarketing software incorporates technology that enables multiple outbound calls, organized agent call lists in one database, call outcome and detail management tools, and preview dialing options.

Telemarketing software improves a call center’s staff productivity by handling the distribution of leads to the team members and including auto-dialing functionality to reduce time expenditure by agents. With tools such as call recording, real-time management dashboards, call routing, and time zone call management, organizations can not only effectively conduct sales and customer support calls, but they can stay compliant.

Compliance is a hefty issue for many companies that use telemarketing software mainly because of federal laws delegating which numbers are approved to call and which are not. Compliance laws also take time of day into consideration which make do-not-call features and time zone tools vital for telemarketing software developers.

Organizations can benefit from telemarketing software in a number of ways, not the least of which is gaining competitive advantages over market rivals through well-implemented solutions. The right telemarketing software can increase agent productivity, cut back on customer support costs, and help sales teams develop targeted leads. When used in conjunction with IVR systems, telemarketing software can boost a business’ overall revenue turnout.

IVR systems increase the effectiveness of telemarketing software by automating voice prompts and customer self-service over the phone. With new technology being developed every day in this arena, including features such as voice biometrics, companies can gain significant advantages in customer relationship management and lead generation over their competitors by implementing the proper telemarketing software.

Juliana Kenny graduated from the University of Connecticut with a double degree in English and French. After managing a small company for two years, she joined TMC (News - Alert) as a Web Editor for TMCnet. Juliana currently focuses on the call center and CRM industries, but she also writes about cloud telephony and network gear including softswitches.

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