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Telemarketing Software Drives the Capture of Effective Sales Data

August 22, 2011
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Sales is an interesting science and one that makes a significant impact on your company as a whole. This scientific area is relying more and more on technology to advance specific efforts while you focus on expanding your market share. One key technology that can be easily implemented within your sales environment is telemarketing software. 

While the idea of telemarketing software expands on a traditional approach to identifying opportunities, don’t discount the power of telemarketing in your organization. Those individuals making calls to your customers are able to build a direct rapport and relationship with your customers that can help you to rapidly identify potential leads and opportunities that can advance your business initiatives. 

The importance of implementing the right tools such as telemarketing software was one focus in this CRN blog. One important investment to advance your sales efforts is customer relationship management (CRM) software as it provides an efficient, uniform method for recording what is going on with your market and your customers. This platform helps to build your business intelligence and much of that information is gathered with your telemarketing software. 

The agents in your call center rely on telemarketing software to enable them to gather key information from your customers that is turned into intelligent data. Keep in mind that while CRM solutions and telemarketing software are critical for gathering and tracking information, they are not built for making decisions. Instead, it is up to your company leaders to leverage this information and make decisions that move your organization forward. 

New technology solutions available on the market, including telemarketing software, provide keen visibility into the cadence of the sales organization. You must be able to tap into your data to gather information on the performance of your individual agents and sales reps, and the company as a whole. This data can also help you to properly prioritize deals and allocate the necessary resources, while you also mentor sales reps, identify key threats and opportunities. 

If you leverage your telemarketing software properly, you can capture the necessary data to effectively manage your sales pipelines. This allows you to provide your executives with accurate forecasts, deliver powerful results, build a robust team and mentor your key players. At the same time, you must be able to identify what is changing within the pipeline.

When you properly execute the use of your telemarketing software, you can ensure this information is captured and available for all key players using that information to make strategic decisions. Your telemarketing agents have direct access to your current and potential customers, able to capture more accurate and realistic information that solidifies the value of the data captured throughout the entire sales pipeline.

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Edited by Juliana Kenny