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Dialing in Telemarketing Software Can Drive Productivity Improvements

October 12, 2011
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

What perceptions come to mind with the mention of telemarketing software? Does it give you pause over the different tasks that must take place to produce a productive environment, or do you recognize an opportunity to drive revenue and secure growing customer base? If you lean toward the latter, you might be interested in a recent blog from VanillaSoft. 

This blog focused primarily on the value of auto dialing within the telemarketing software environment and whether or not it delivers on promised benefits. A number of claims have been made in the industry by some promising 400 percent increases, tripled sales, live conversations taking place every 10 seconds or less and more. These claims sound great, but maybe we need to look at a realistic approach. 

VanillaSoft has its own auto dialing solution that provides the option of preview, in a click to call mode, and progressive, which dials when the record arrives at the desk top. The company suggests that a customer without a dialing platform in place can expect to see an improvement of at least 30 percent, even if they already have CRM or a different lead management solution. 

Interestingly enough, simply dialing the number for the sales rep or agent is not enough to even drive that 30 percent gain. Instead, behavior modification must take place to deliver on that 30 percent. VanillaSoft suggests that human nature will keep 85 percent of sales reps from performing as “trigger pullers.” 

Sales reps will actually perform more of a hunt and peck method that relies on osmosis to determine who and when to dial, missing a key benefit in telemarketing software. These judgment actions will cause the rep to pause before they actually pull that trigger and take action. 

The dialing capability in telemarketing software is not something that will magically create something new. Instead, the capability delivered enables you to recover something that was lost – wasted productivity. VanillaSoft suggests simply watching a sales rep for two hours and tracking their dials will demonstrate the potential opportunity for productivity enhancements. This will provide the necessary mental snap shot for comparison against telemarketing software performance.

The dialing capability offered by VanillaSoft allows the rep to complete the call and enter the disposition of the call, launching the dialer into the next mode. As a result, the next best lead is routed in less than a second and is dialed before the rep is able to move a hand to dial it themselves. This increased productivity will also enhance the rep’s attitude as they can’t help but achieve a greater level of success. How’s that for 30 percent?

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Juliana Kenny