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The Power of Telemarketing Software for the Call Center

March 14, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Telemarketing software comes in many shapes and sizes, so to speak, to suit the needs of today’s call centers. Cold calling software is one of those shapes and sizes.

But cold calling is not about drilling down on volume and hoping to land a few sales, according to this VanillaSoft blog. Cold calling is possibly the only appointment setting and lead generating process over which any call center has direct control. 

Some advice from those who use cold calling includes investing in the knowledge behind cold calling telemarketing software. The process involves pruning call lists and drafting scripts to make a complete sale. There is also the education of employees that has to take place. There are resources, many of them free, which can guide one through the cold calling process.

Another piece of advice includes knowing the technology behind cold calling telemarketing software. If your call lists are in order, your script built, and your staff trained, you need the right technology to bring the plan into action. Cold calling software helps in this arena, and in some cases has produced 40 percent growth in success. Working along-side auto dialing, lead routing, and call recording, telemarketing software such as that for cold calling can be a real boost.

Cold calling telemarketing software, when used to its full advantage, basically increases the contacts per hour that can result in a higher closing ratio. VanillaSoft provides telemarketing software for cold calling that has proven productive for inside sales teams and for sales by phone. 

The platform that VanillaSoft has built manages millions of leads that are being used by Fortune 100 customers and small businesses alike.Some of the tools in VanillaSoft’s telemarketing software for cold calling include a web-based solution, which requires no software installation and extremely fast deployment, often in just hours. 

VanillaSoft’s solution can auto dial on any telephone system, which has proven to increase productivity by 50 percent. Real-time dashboards show the day’s activities, including the stats of agents and lead sources.The software also features customizable lead routing and call scripting, instant web lead distribution, 100 percent Do-Not-Call list protections, and real-time business intelligence on calling activity and lead conversion process.

VanillaSoft’s solution also includes MP3 voice recording on all calls, which can help supervisors gain visibility into the campaign’s success or failures, which can help them offer solid suggestions for a more productive campaign.Cold calling telemarketing software can help an organization realize the synergy between technology and processes that the people in the company have worked to implement.

Edited by Juliana Kenny