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Telemarketing Software: Analytics Solutions Prove Helpful to Increase Revenue

May 25, 2012
By Brooke Neuman - Content Producer

In the competitive advertising world, more sophisticated analytics are integrated into sales management software as a way to increase revenue. And, with more digital channels, websites, and mobile apps, it is harder than ever to track and analyze everything that’s happening. Sales management and telemarketing software can be used by account executive and managers to help familiarize themselves with their respective markets.

As the distribution of content across many platforms grows, “the feedback from analytics is going to be important,” says Joe Zaller of Devoncroft Partners, a market research firm. 

As a way to increase revenue, industry players are seeing the advantages that analytics provide. “Analytics shows us where the inventory lies and where inventory gets the most success,” says Mike Braun, digital vice president at Gray Television. “We’re able to break it down very quickly. There’s no waiting till the end of month to get reports anymore.”

Gray Television uses Google (News - Alert) analytics to sort through important data across multiple platforms in different markets. Braun states, “It is important as we grow to funnel all this information into one source. It allows us to customize reports for each of our stations. You can log into one account and very quickly see what each of their products is doing in their markets. It’s one-stop shopping for advertising executives.”

Traffic systems also play an important role in helping executives and managers, but it also has limits. Traffic systems primarily track sales and invoices, but they do not provide real-time progress, which makes it difficult to make accurate projections.

 “Traffic systems are good at placing spots, handling accounts receivable. But, historically, they haven’t been real good at showing the top five account executives, pending dollars and budgets. All that, right now, is the big push.” says Ed Salgado, president of OneDomain, whose MediaOffice is widely used for transacting sales.

Recently, OneDomain introduced Empire CRM, a customer relationship management software that works with Harris OSi traffic systems, which gives snapshots of what is aired, budgeted, and currently pending. Salgado stated that this system allows the company to see what is happening at the “micro” level as well the “macro” level.

 "If you’re selling Tide, you need to reach as many females 25-54 because that’s your target market. I need to be able to show I’m reaching those females. We call it share of voice — if you advertise on my station, you’ll reach more than on CNN News. Also, I need to be able to show what is the average cost per point to advertise in primetime versus daytime and what values are there in that.”

OneDomain collaborated with BroadView Software to offer OneSolution, an intergraded traffic, sale, and programming suite which provides rich analytics for businesses.

 As it becomes more difficult to gain revenue in the advertising industry, sales software management is becoming increasingly popular.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi