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Telemarketing Software can Improve Outcome of Sales Calls

September 05, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

When it comes to increasing call center sales, it isn’t simply about increasing volume. Dialing more numbers may improve the odds of making a connection, but that in itself is not an effective strategy to drive revenue. Just as there are many parts of the body that serve important functions – how could the body see without the eye or walk without the feet? Similarly, it requires all the right parts working together in unison to improve sales numbers by phone.

Managers may push for more calls to be made each shift with telemarketing software because it’s one of the few proven ways to increase sales. Investing in equipment that dials multiple lines simultaneously improves the probably of leads and appointments, and certainly, improving dials-per-hour and increasing efficiency is a part of that mix, according to this VanillaSoft blog.

However, companies shouldn’t solely rely on that strategy alone. What about the customer on the other end? They aren’t just a number, and they don’t want to be treated like one. More important than the quantity of calls is the quality of each customer interaction, and that’s where telemarketing software can help.

The right telemarketing software can give your agents key insight into customer background, buying behavior, and trends that help them create a genuine two-way dialogue. Of course, other components such as having a quality product, good lead list, and motivated agents are also critical to creating an engaging conversation. Each of these parts is like an essential part of the body that when properly coordinated, can propel itself forward.

Throughout this process, quality communication has to be the end goal. One feature that many company executives integrate with their telemarketing software package is the progressive auto dialer. Such programs help increase call output, while ensuring there is a live person on the other end when your customers pick up the phone.

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of answering a call only to be greeted by the familiar silence of a machine as it transfers us to real individual. That dreaded pause is a surefire signal that you’re being contacted by a telemarketer and provides just the right amount of time for recipients to hang up.

While this experience is understandably frustrating for customers, consider your sales representatives on the other end – aren’t they doomed from the beginning? Without the right tools and telemarketing software, quite possibly – yes. Remember that a greater number of calls is not synonymous with better results. Automatic dialers can improve your chances of a connection, but it’s what you do with that connection that counts. A careful consideration of all the elements involved in your specific line of business will prove helpful when deciding on which telemarketing software and equipment is best. 

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Edited by Brooke Neuman