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Telemarketing Software can be Leveraged to Improve the Quality of Leads

October 22, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Sometimes within telemarketing scenarios, those behind the scenes will add leads to the company’s database just to fill up blank space as opposed to only entering prospects that will likely bear sales. This has long been a major problem facing both sales and marketing divisions of any company and to overcome this large barrier, analysts are suggesting transitioning the role of telephone lead qualification onto the shoulders of marketing employees already seeing fruitful benefits from telemarketing software.

According to Derek Singleton, ERP analyst for Software Advice, “Companies should reserve their sales teams for what they’re best at: closing deals.” As those who fill this role are primarily interested in making as many deals as possible in the shortest amount of time, they simply don’t have the time within their busy schedule to ensure a marketing-supplied lead will actually bear positive results.  

In a recent report from SiriusDecisions, findings highlight that sales affiliates typically only follow up with 20 percent of all leads, and there is almost never that extra step completed of taking the time to see if that lead will actually lead to a subsequent deal.

“Marketing has a critical advantage over sales in lead qualification: marketing doesn’t have a near-term quota to close deals. This allows the marketer to engage a prospect in a more open and honest conversation about their needs, purchase timeframe, budget and other factors that comprise typical qualification criteria. That’s good information for marketing to have first-hand, anyway,” Singleton added.

Besides marketing departments taking the reins behind leads, telemarketing software is a key element that contributes to the ongoing success for any business. VanillaSoft is a provider of Software-as-a -Service (SaaS (News - Alert)) offerings that have been created from the ground up to make selling, prospecting or appointment setting through outbound calling much less complex and more fruitful. It offers users robust capabilities including automatic lead distribution, logical branch scripting, auto dialing, next-best-lead routing, intelligent call recording, integrated e-mail follow-up, real-time activity dashboards and Web reporting.

This specific telemarketing software is continuously evolving in order to measure up to increasing demands from customers, and it was only back in June that this platform was completely revamped to power multiple added capabilities such as being able to sync VanillaSoft calendars with Google calendars.

According to Ken Murray (News - Alert), former president of VanillaSoft, "More and more organizations are taking advantage of Google's robust calendaring. Providing a seamless synch will only enhance the VanillaSoft offering."

In related company news, just last week the telemarketing software provider joined hands with LifeBoat which will help to not only expand VanilaSoft’s footprint but also give Lifeboat employees access to the firm’s wide network of resellers.

To read the full report, click here.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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