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Winning with Telemarketing Software Starts with a Key Contact List

November 15, 2012
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Telemarketing Software Writer

The observation that sales are nothing but a numbers game has become downright axiomatic over the years. While indeed no one gets very far in sales if they don't make a whole lot of calls, there are ways to ensure that sales are less a numbers game and more a numbers maker, as in revenue. The best way to start down the path to winning with telemarketing software is by way of a top notch contact list.

A contact list allows businesses to get a better idea of just who they should be making contact with in order to get the best chance at making sales. When the list is properly assembled and properly populated, then telemarketing efforts can target those individuals on that list and get the best chance of not only making contact, but also making sales. Such lists can be compiled from mailing lists or other kinds of information. They can be purchased from third parties or can be compiled according to the business' own records, and in many cases, businesses will use several methods to create different lists according to the situation at hand.

The contact list can, indeed, cover several different situations. Some companies may compile lists of previous customers so that those customers can be contacted to find out how they liked the product or service they purchased for improved customer service and the potential for further sales. Others—even those same companies—can also pick up customer lists based on customers they don't actually have yet in a bid to get them interested in the products and services offered by the company. Some caution must be taking with contact lists, however, as there are some laws related to their use and application.

Some believe that telemarketing with a properly optimized customer list is the best sort of marketing, and they've got a reasonable case for thinking so. It's one of the lower cost forms of marketing out there and it has a lot more impact, especially if the right people are contacted. Better, each customer is contacted on a one-on-one basis, allowing the telemarketer to take the best chance at not only selling but answering objections on the spot. But there are also risks in this method; telemarketing has a negative stigma associated with it especially when used among single customers. Businesses often have ways to fend off telemarketers, with the judicious use of phone extensions and central answering bodies including secretaries specifically tasked to prevent such calls from reaching a decision maker.

Telemarketing software may not be the answer to all a business' sales problems, but leveraging a properly optimized customer list will go a long way toward making the numbers that every business wants to see—sales, revenue, and profit—happen.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein