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Bringing Back the Human Element When Prospecting Telemarketing Software Leads

December 10, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Often dominated by machines and programs, the IT industry has had a reputation for being a bit stoic and cold. After all, interacting with a machine doesn’t yield the same impact as interacting with a human being. These images of emotionless yet highly sophisticated computer equipment can reflect back on a business, making it difficult to secure quality telemarketing software leads that translate into face-to-face appointments. 

Injecting personality into marketing is important on many levels but chiefly because clients still want to interact with businesses run by actual people and not technology. Certainly there is a place for technology – but instead of replacing people, it should be used to augment our relationships and interactions with them. Developers of telemarketing software would be wise to design their offerings with this goal in mind.

Concerns voiced about business being overrun by machines are often valid, and they can leave those in the tech field feeling like the enemy. The agitation with tech proliferation isn’t exactly an ideal situation for initiating productive telemarketing software leads, either. It can help to drive efficiency in the call center, as demonstrated with this VanillaSoft blog post; but that efficiency is meaningless if customer satisfaction is sacrificed as a result.

We live in a world where employees would rather communicate via social networking and mobile devices such as smartphones than to sit down opposite someone and have a real life conversation. The nerdy, anti-social reputation of IT also doesn’t do much to help overcome this stigma.

So how do you avoid being classed as cold and impersonal? According to this article found on Business2Community online, there are three steps businesses can take to extend the human touch when qualifying telemarketing software leads – no matter what method of communication is selected.

First, engage with telemarketing software prospects the same way you would speak to someone you know. It’s a given that unnecessary technical jargon should be avoided, but that is just the beginning. The key to building relationships and quite frankly closing sales is to interact on a more human level – good conversation can go a long way in instilling trust and credibility. 

We’re all familiar with the saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care – essentially, no one wants to feel like the subject of a sale, even if this is the reality.

To get your conversations started, it may be good to let the telemarketing software do the talking. Give real life examples of what it can accomplish, challenges that have been overcome, and any other observations that may be of interest to your prospects. Product demos are not a great way to maintain the attention of your software leads. If you want to stand out and initiate a deeper connection, you’ll need to include some practical experience of the software in action.

Finally, as they say, practice makes perfect. It’s not a bad idea to conduct a trial run before initiating forum postings or utilizing telemarketing for software leads. The best way to attract software leads is with a method that is polished and solid, and that only comes through practice, practice, practice.

Following these simple steps can help in overcoming stereotypes of the industry and relay a more personal touch. It is this genuine, heartfelt interaction that will capture attention when reaching out to potential telemarketing software prospects.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein