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Telemarketing Software Gets a Boost with Auto Dialer Capabilities

March 20, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Achieving ultimate efficiency within the call center is one of the best ways to ensure profitability, or at least a controlled budget. One of the tools used to achieve this efficiency is the auto dialer. When combined with telemarketing software, the call center can easily transform to a profitable sales organization. 

This HowStuffWorks post highlights how the dialer adds value to this environment. Touted as a computer telephone integration (CTI (News - Alert)) element, the dialer relies on special software and a modem to integrate with the computer programmed to automatically dial a phone number list. When the dialer has the right level of sophistication, it can detect if a live person is answering the call and a live agent needs to get on the call. 

The application can also detect if an answering machine is involved, even generating the automated message process for the recipient to receive later. It can also provide the same message to a live caller or supply a menu of options to the person answering. Consumers may not always be a big fan of the auto dialer, but they do tend to like the benefits associated with self-service options. 

When paired with telemarketing software, the auto dialer can be used to promote a school fundraising campaign, push out political messages at the time of a major vote, send out information to members of an organization and so much more. The automated process can significantly reduce the amount of time needed by live agents on the phone and streamlines the processes necessary to engage key individuals. 

To implement the auto dialer, the call center or really any other organization simply needs a computer, a voice modem, software for auto dialing and an active telephone line. The voice modem allows the computer to record or play audio over the telephone line and the standard computer has enough room for a minimum of two internal modem cards. 

Each card can be connected to a phone line. The more modems there are, the more phone calls that can be supported simultaneously. For the organization needing to support multiple calls at once, the auto dialer is deployed on a server and acts as a key component of the internal calling strategy. As a result, agents connect with live individual customers at an accelerated pace, increasing connections and conversions. 

To get the best of both worlds, when deciding upon the type of telemarketing software you will use you should consider the one offered by VanillaSoft, a product that boasts innovative dialer capabilities that can deliver true results. For instance, VanillaSoft’s offering is designed to drive leads until they reach their final destination through automated routing. This ensures the lead cannot be ignored and every time a lead is worked, the activity and results are tracked.

At the end of the day, customers do want to be sold to and they want access to information and solutions that meet their needs. When leads are generated, why not blend your telemarketing software and auto dialing capabilities to generate the best results?

Edited by Jamie Epstein