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Telemarketing Software Specialist Now Sponsoring New Resource Website

April 23, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Plano, Tex.-based VanillaSoft powers a lead management platform that encompasses the key telemarketing functionalities and software needed to transition leads into closed sales at a rapid pace. With solutions that feature automatic dialing in both preview and progressive modes, next-best-call-routing, a real-time management dashboard and even the ability to record calls to utilize them for training exercises at a later time, the telemarketing software provider recently expanded its footprint by unveiling

Highlighted as a website that will bring together virtually anyone involved in sales and marketing and enable them to learn together and collaborate as a team, the newly unveiled features news, best practices and advice in order to help this growing community blossom for the long term. Right now, the site contains blog posts, videos, white papers, e-books and much more. And its library of resources of will only continue to grow over time.

Kevin Thornton, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing with VanillaSoft, said, "We are proud to sponsor and to provide a resource to the Sales & Marketing community. This is a great opportunity for subject matter experts and sales people to come together to share views and take away valuable information to bring back to their teams. ”

Back in February, TMCnet reported that VanillaSoft believes it is very important for any inside sales team looking to get in touch with either prospective or current clients to do so right away, yet default calling times are also proving to be vital since they eliminate the chance of you infuriating your customer base rather than helping them. This is due to the fact that you now can ensure you are attempting to contact them only during regular business hours as opposed to right when they finally fall asleep after an exhausting day.

A blog post penned by David Hood, president and CEO of VanillaSoft, added, “Respecting a potential client’s time may help you reduce lost opportunities. Not only will it help you to gain acceptance from potential clients, it will also relieve some of the pressure on your callers. Your inside sales agents will no longer need to research what time zone a contact is located in because the Calling Period feature automatically routes calls to the agent at appropriate times. This will help prevent your agents from accidentally calling at inappropriate times and prevent uncomfortable conversations with potential clients. Everyone will have a more enjoyable sales experience!”

With now easily accessible from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection, users looking to ramp up their ROI in addition to their revenue earned can do without any associated complexity.

Edited by Rich Steeves