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Five Reasons for Telemarketing Software

May 20, 2013
By Mae Kowalke - Telemarketing Software Contributor

If you’re making sales calls and are not currently using telemarketing software, you might as well go all-in by giving up your computer for pen and paper, too. Telemarketing software is without a doubt an essential tool for anyone engaged in telesales.

There are at least five good reasons to use telemarketing software and they include converting more leads to sales, automation, efficiency, oversight and better agent training.

Let’s start with what’s most important: driving sales. With telemarketing software such as the product powered by VanillaSoft, leads are never lost and calls can be allocated to the agents best suited for making the sale.

“Data is the life blood of your organization,” noted a recent VanillaSoft blog post. “VanillaSoft is designed to keep your leads in motion until it reaches a final destination. With our automated routing, leads cannot be lost or ignored. VanillaSoft will track and report on the status of the lead. Each and every time a lead is worked, VanillaSoft will record who worked it, the results and exactly when.”

Telemarketing software helps with automation. With both click-to-call auto-dialing and progressive dialing, agents can stay on task and work more leads through the efficiency that comes with telemarketing software. Some companies have reported that progressive dialing has given them a lift of up to 30 percent.

Efficiency also is improved. Modern telemarketing software often includes templates, both for call scripts and email responses, and the ability to automatically route next-best calls.

“Next-best-call-routing drives productivity by utilizing the organization's business intelligence that has been derived from all calls attempted vs. calls attempted by an individual rep,” noted the post. “The collection of all the data enhances the ability of management to determine the likelihood of a sale on a call by call basis. VanillaSoft can route calls that are more likely to have a positive outcome then those that are not. This ensures that the sales organization is focusing their best people on their best opportunities.”

Telemarketing software drives training. Digital call recordings can be tied to contact records and searched based on the date, caller and even the outcome of the call. This is an invaluable aid to see what an agent is doing right or wrong during calling campaigns.

Finally, telemarketing software helps deliver better oversight for sales managers.

VanillaSoft, for instance, comes with a real-time dashboard that allows management to see sales performance in real-time. Charts and Web reporting also can easily be culled from such software.

It all adds up to a dramatic boost in telemarketer productivity and effectiveness. Not using such software is truly like trying to go without a computer. It can be done, sure, but why?

Edited by Jamie Epstein