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The Secret of Telemarketing Software Sales: Fill a Need

June 17, 2013
By Mae Kowalke - Telemarketing Software Contributor

The best way to drive sales is to provide a product or service that has real value for the customer like telemarketing software. Sometimes this fact can get lost in the daily struggle to boost sales and market products.

“You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the opinion of the marketplace,” wrote Jose Lozano in a recent blog post.

“At the beginning I saw online marketing as something challenging and unknown,” he said, but now he understands that “the best way to start a value-giving-and-receiving transaction (which means sales) is by giving people information, and the minute I knew this I noticed that the best medium so far in order to transfer information is the Internet.”

What Amazon, EBay, Overstock, and others do is provide information and facilitate a sale that makes sense. Online sales occur naturally, and that is because places such as Amazon are offering real value and solutions for people to help solve their problems.

The way to drive sales is first and foremost to have a product with genuine value, but then it comes down to making sure that the people who need the product or service know about it and why it will help them.

The Internet still is ripe for enterprising entrepreneurs because there’s an almost limitless need to connect those who have a problem with those who offer a solution. And the Internet is one of the best methods for connecting buyer and seller.

The three principle ways this is done online is through websites, social media, and e-mail.

“A website is a powerful way to share information with others and educate them about a specific product. The idea is to reach as many people as possible so that they have the opportunity to buy from us,” enthused Lozano. So are opt-in e-mail lists.

And of course there is social media.

“I love these places as they connect people like nothing else,” wrote Lozano. “Creating social network profiles is fast, free, and easy, then the real job will be getting and audience but once that it is established is pretty easy to share the link of a post where a product or service is being offered.”

While this is the secret recipe behind online sales, it also shows why telemarketing software can be so effective.

That’s because, at root, telemarketing software is a tool for connecting those who have a need with those who have a service. Leads are those with the need, and telemarketing software ensures that these customers with a need are aware of the services offered. Unlike the online world, however, telemarketing is more direct. Customers don’t wander to the products and services they might need, the telemarketing software helps businesses actively connect with people already identified as potentially needing the product or service.

Just like the Internet, telemarketing software is a powerful tool for providing the information that people need to improve their lives.

Edited by Jamie Epstein