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How to Leave a Trade Show with a Pocket Full of Leads

July 02, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

These days, trade shows are increasingly important in bringing together thought leaders within the same industry in order to communicate, collaborate and explore new opportunities. They serve as a central location where companies located throughout the world can travel to and leave with expertise integral to running their business more efficiently, ultimately increasing their revenue earned.

While telemarketing software is typically used to quickly sort through the leads received during these events and contact prospective clients in the shortest period of time, there are some tips to remain mindful of in order to justify your company’s continuous jaunts to these exciting and enlightening conferences.

First, a recent blog post on the LeadManagment website revealed a pretty obvious point, which is only participate in expos that directly relate to the products or solutions your company sells, or you will see expenses related to travel, hotels and meals while on the road add up rapidly and eat a chunk out of your organization’s overall profits.

“When doing research, contact prospective trade show organizers and inquire as to the detailed demographics of the attendees. Review the information paying special attention to the size of the companies, their associated industries, location, annual budget and the job titles of the representatives that will be in attendance,” the post added.

Next, make an attempt to drive the number of leads you might receive at the show before it even begins.  This can be done in multiple ways, including scheduling meetings throughout the duration of the event prior to it starting, contacting potential clients via the information provided in the attendee list, and even walking around the show floor to introduce yourself to other firms in attendance and letting them know why it would be a smart choice to team with you without delay.

Third, promote yourself to the fullest degree! Making an announcement of some sort at a trade show is a sure fire way to garner increased attention from the audience that is present. Also, the post recommends “if you have a company newsletter then be sure to include all of the trade shows that you plan on attending and exhibiting at.”

Fourth, ensure your booth is eye catching. If your booth is boring, it is highly likely trade show enthusiasts will walk right by your company without a second thought. Hence, it is key that the booth is designed from the ground up to be colorful and interactive, highlighting exactly what your robust suite entails and the benefits users can reap when leveraging it. Free give-aways as simple as pens or lip balm are always a great way to make your brand stick out in a consumer’s mind in addition to live demonstrations that showcase a particular product.

Last but definitely not least, taking an in depth look into all of the leads gathered after the conference concludes is vital in order to measure if it was successful enough for your business to participate in for years to come. The next step after organizing and qualifying the leads is figuring out which individuals have the best likelihood of forming a partnership with your organization and then conversing with the group via a variety of communication channels such as Web, e-mail, instant messaging and the phone.

While telemarketing software can ensure a lead never gets lost in the muck again, it isn’t worth its salt if it doesn’t have any prospects to pull from.

Edited by Blaise McNamee