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Learning the Value of Telemarketing Software

September 10, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

While consumers may not always look fondly on the telemarketing sector, a number of these agents provide critical services, needed products and quality customer care. To do so, many rely on telemarketing software to ensure they offer the products and services the target customer wants.

The right telemarketing software can help the agent to reach more customers and transform interactions into profitable encounters that also benefit the customer. The key is to align telemarketing offers with those who want to receive them. When integrated well with campaign tools, such as Web forms and television offers, telemarketing calls can be very successful.

A business seeking to promote its products or services to the target base can leverage telemarketing software to extend its functionality over mobile telephone networks, landlines and even VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Such functionality includes predictive dialing, auto dialing, agent management, automated voice messaging, screen pop with Caller ID, contact list management, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Do Not Call compliance, scripting and so much more.

Predictive dialers deliver benefits as they have the necessary capacity to predict when an agent is ready to conclude a call. It will automatically dial the next number in anticipation of this call completion, eliminating unnecessary idle time for the agent between calls. Likewise, auto dialers can queue a list of calls and then automatically call the numbers included on the list. This process is either automated or completed when the agent activates the process.

The automated voice messenger will make calls to a programmed list and then convey a specific message to the person answering the call. Such messages are commonly used to remind someone about a scheduled appointment, announcing a new product, delivering a customer loyalty message, communicating a group-based announcement and more.

Telemarketing software blends in with these capabilities to enhance the experience for the user, while also reducing the cost on the organization. It keeps the process more efficient so that more right contacts are made in less time. Plus, when a potential lead completes a form about a product or service and wants a call back, conversion of that lead is more likely if the person is called right away. Telemarketing software helps to capture that lead and blend the call right into the schedule so little time is lost.

Regardless of your feelings concerning a telemarketing call, the reality is that most of us do want to hear from companies with which we do business or want to business. They important point is that we generally want to be in control of when we get that communication or at least perceive the value when it comes. As it’s all about timing, telemarketing software plays an important part.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey