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This Isn't Your Father's Calling Campaign

September 25, 2013
By Mae Kowalke - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Calling campaigns are alive and well, but the methods sure have changed.

“Some have proclaimed that the phonathon is dead,” wrote Kevin Thornton recently on the VanillaSoft blog. “It’s really the old approach to conducting a phonathon that has met its end.”

What’s gone is the machinegun approach of calling everyone in hopes of getting a sale. Indiscriminate calling is going the way of the dodo bird, both because it alienates customers and because it is inefficient.

There’s also another reason why calling campaigns are now more focused: We now have better technology, so we now are able to better target those who are called. There’s no excuse to randomly call people in 2013, not with the software solutions now available.

The new approach has organizations mining and analyzing customer data to refine the call list.

For not-for-profit calling campaigns, organizations often look at who has attended events, who shared their job title and contact information, which individuals have family members involved in the organization, and who have responded to surveys.

“By evaluating these factors, you can begin building donor personas to help you identify those who are most likely to give,” noted Thornton. “You can then prioritize your calling efforts based on these affinity factors and personas.”

The modern calling campaign also makes sure that it stays on the mind of those it called. It does this through e-mail drip and e-mail marketing to past and potential donors, keeping them engaged all year long.

But refining the call list and conducting efficient calling campaigns requires the right software, too, solutions such as those offered by VanillaSoft.

For organizations that want to maximize their calling campaign, it is important to look for progressive dialing to increase donor contact rates, next-best donor logic to utilize the institution’s knowledge and historical donor data to prioritize calls based on affinity factors discussed above, call scripting to close the sale, integrated e-mail for e-mail drip, a performance dashboard that gives real-time access to campaign performance and caller stats and intelligent call recording that marries the recorded call to the contact record.

It also is good to have easy administration to manage campaigns, to run the software on the cloud for ease of maintenance, and to select a solution that has one-click switching between projects so multiple campaigns can be worked on at once. Modern software also comes with an audit trail, an easy pathway to modify contact records, CRM integration and easy onboarding for orientation.

Indiscriminate calling is a thing of the past. Calling campaigns endure, but now they are done intelligently. We have the technology.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey