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Bolstering Telemarketing with Content Marketing Can Be a Winning Formula

February 03, 2014
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Telemarketing may be an old term, bringing to mind a dusty practice that should be shelved alongside disco pants and pet rocks, but the truth of the matter is that talking to sales leads, prospects and existing customers on the telephone – and yes, that’s telemarketing – is still a tried and true practice. What is true is that doing it in a vacuum is not a smart move.

Cold-calling hasn’t gotten much more effective than it was decades ago. While every industry and every organization has a different way to collect and pass on warm leads, the most successful lead generation sales teams will use outbound calling in conjunction with a more modern and more personal methodology. That said, it’s critical not to be scared of the “T” word, blogged CallboxInc’s Belinda Summers recently.

“We have heard a lot of flak for letting telemarketers stay in the marketing game, but we do have entrepreneurs and other business managers who believe that this method still works,” wrote Summers. “If your concern is on how to make telemarketing work better, then you will need to use other appointment setting tools as an augmentation. There are a lot of mediums to choose from, but one of the most common would be content marketing.”

Content marketing, of course, is simply a fancy word for determining what type of information is most of interest to your prospects, and preparing that information in the most attractive and appealing format possible. Today, it might be blogs, e-newsletters, social media posts, Tweets, white papers, case studies or any number of things. It’s an excellent way to warm up leads so that an outbound telemarketing campaign has a better chance of success.

One of the best ways to pull off a strategy like this is to ensure you are using a telemarketing solution that is properly integrated with your CRM and even your appointment setting solution. This way, you can create a 360-degree view of prospects and customers, and you’re better able to tailor content to them, upping the chances for sales efforts.

“Just remember, content marketing should not be pulled off solo,” writes Summers. “This must always be partnered with other marketing tools, in this case, telemarketing. Yes, we all have heard how outdated calling business prospects are, but if you want a sure-fire way to get a response, then hiring telemarketers is the way to go. All you need now is to plan your campaign carefully.”

Comprehensive telemarketing and lead management solutions can help immensely on this front. A sales campaign should never be like throwing pasta against the wall and seeing what sticks. Today, the competition is too fierce and the customers too demanding for that. 

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