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Think Like an Entrepreneur, Increase Sales

February 24, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Getting sales requires good salespeople. Oftentimes, businesses rely on decision-makers and entrepreneurs to disseminate information, processes and creativity down to the salespeople; essentially, from the top down. However, to garner more sales, bottom-up entrepreneurship is a good approach, and here’s why.

Analysts and reports say that for entrepreneurship to sustain itself, it must come from the bottom-up. Companies like Google (News - Alert) encourage their employees to think big and make connections that others might not see between seemingly unrelated data points. Self-motivated employees tend to be particularly strong in this type of thinking, and it happens best when you allow them to work.

Applying this kind of thinking in sales can open up avenues of innovation to get the sale closed. For example, Accenture (News - Alert) surveyed 600 corporate employees, 200 corporate business decision-makers and 200 self-employed individuals in the United States and found that 9 in 10 respondents say an entrepreneurial attitude can lead to new ideas that promote growth in a tough economy.

Bottom up sales cycles are short, the sales strategies tend to be viral, and more B2B startups are emerging with bottom-up user acquisition and business models because these are the strategies younger entrepreneurs are familiar with.

Relying on a sales team with this strategy can help the top folk understand how to create value. That is the bottom line of successful selling.

This is especially good for managers who rely on their sales force for telemarketing sales. The primary advantage of telemarketing is that it leads to immediate answers. The conversation starts right away and it is easier for the sales person to explain the features of products and services right away. The customer can also get their queries solved immediately and this may result in instant sales.

Telemarketing involves two-way communications; this makes the relationship with the customers more personal and interactive. This also strengthens customer loyalty and improves the image of the brand name of the company.

Putting the bottom-up thinking into play with telemarketing sales people will help managers and decision makers see the data gathered by sales, find results and draw conclusions on what works and what doesn’t.

Using telemarketing software with this approach is key. Solutions like VanillaSoft telemarketing software are designed to increase revenue. Managers can track every lead from beginning to end and see an increase in client outbound calls.

VanillaSoft offers complete transparency of activity and results, leading to better campaigns and more effective and successful calls.

Telemarketing software gives managers all of the customer information that they need throughout the presale and customer support environment. With the right solution, call center phones and computers work together to provide cost-saving benefits and increased sales overall.