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In B2B, Cold Calling is No Longer the Order of the Day

June 06, 2014
By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

Telemarketing is a high-stakes game, especially when it comes to the B2B side of the business. What used to be thought of as traditional sales calls simply aren’t that effective any more. The New Hampshire Business Review points out that call centers are having to remake themselves in order to still make an effective go of it when it comes to outbound call centers.

Technology has certainly played a rather large part when it comes to changing the effectiveness of the cold call, but society has changed the effectiveness of this approach as well. Cold calling from a telemarketer was almost respected in a certain way, especially when talking about Business to Business. The NHBR points out that there was even a kind of obligation when it came to taking calls from a telemarketer.

Call centers have to change the way they do business, and the biggest change has been to move away from measuring success by the number of calls that are being made. Now that measure is judged more by the relationships that are formed between call centers and those the employees are calling.

Networking has become the new “cold calling” and the work behind making a successful connection is just as hard as it used to be. Companies need to understand and trust one another in order to have a really successful B2B relationship. This isn’t going to be something that materializes out of nothing. In order to put these relationships together, effective salespeople need to work at things such as attending events where prospects are numerous.

The salespeople will be able to get and provide leads that end up turning into prospects and referrals. Sometimes this means attending conferences, sometimes it just means the salespeople need to meet and have coffee with higher ups of potential clients. The bottom line is that cold calling simply isn’t working anymore and forging relationships is becoming harder all the time. Good salespeople, especially in the B2B community have to work harder than ever in some regards.