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How to Drive Telemarketing Software Success: Separate the Sales from the Marketing

June 12, 2014
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

There has long been a misconception in the business world. More often than not, people think of sales as marketing and vice versa. Without separating the two, it’s easy to assume that what each group does is the same. Take a step or two back and you’ll find something very different – two very different groups with distinct functions within the organization. One group designs the strategy around the brand for communication. The other executes on that strategy, building relationships and closing deals.

It should be obvious which group falls into which description. The sales professionals tend to thrive on the opportunity to make connections, identify opportunities and get the deal done. Whether you fall into this category, that of the marketing department or another division of the company altogether, one thing is constant: the sales team is the bread and butter of your company. Short of always relying on telemarketing software to ensure the right connections each time, there is a science to the activities of the sales team.

Not to suggest that telemarketing software doesn’t deliver value for the sales team – it most certainly does. But it alone can’t make the sales team successful. Instead, you have to blend it with the right mix of people to see the right results. This mix was recently outlined in a Business2Community post. The focus – five things the sales team wishes you understood. Let’s take a look at this list and see if you’re really in the dark:

Salespeople are investigators: Sales people have to get down into the details if they want to connect with the right people at the right time. The goal is to convince the person with the purchasing power of the value you offer. If the marketing department has this person in mind throughout the campaign, salespeople can reduce their investigating time to focus on the close.

Stories can’t match ROI: While marketers tend to love to tell stories and these can initially grab the attention of the target, they are not the final offering that will seal the deal. Decision makers want solid ROI figures to support their decision.

Buyers need more than a product: Buyers can get your product from other providers. You have to provide a reason why they should only buy from your salespeople. This requires the development of a community and consistent performance and support.

Consumers know when they are being sold to: When a consumer just wants information, this is where the marketing team needs to be at work. Salespeople step in when it’s time to buy. Pushing a product or service at the wrong time quickly ends the process.

Stay up to date: When the marketing team is up to date on competitors, industry trends and customers, sales teams are much better prepared to overcome objections and get to the heart of what the customer wants to hear.

If your marketing team can be armed with this kind of information before the sales team launches a campaign using telemarketing software from companies like VanillaSoft, you’ll be well on your way to sales and marketing success. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson