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Best Practice: Keep Consumers Engaged via Technology

July 01, 2014
By Frank Griffin - Telemarketing Software Contributing Writer

Businesses today have multiple options when it comes to engaging their customers, which at times can seem overwhelming. So the question becomes, what is the best option for your particular business? Should you use online or off-line touch points, or both? This, of course, depends on the type of business you have because not everyone wants to be engaged with every outlet.

The key, as in everything else in life, is moderation, and understanding what your customers want by engaging them with a form of interaction they are comfortable with. In a recent piece on titled, "How Marketing Technology Can Stop Consumer Disconnect", the author looks at how Dorin Rosenshine, founder and CEO of call tracking and segmentation marketing enabler Outleads, and Will Weinraub, CEO/co-founder of Live Ninja, address this issue.

They both agree that engagement is critical, but it has to be used with a clear understanding of the business and how the customers expect to be engaged.

Rosenshine said, "Companies need to connect the phone call with the website visit that triggered it, and route them accordingly." Depending on the sale cycle of the business it could take a very long time before a person visiting the website is ready to make a purchase, which doesn't create an immediate result.

Rosenshine's company offers solutions that are able to track inquiry-form submissions and phone calls that integrate with existing client systems. This allows organizations to make decisions based on information the customer has provided through a dashboard on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Therefore when he or she is being contacted with a voice call or their preferred option, it doesn't alienate the customer.

The CEO of Live Ninja also addresses the need to engage consumers using the technology his company provides, which is live video interaction on websites using WebRTC.

"The Web can be a lonely, automated experience. Video chat embedded on the website can help create more engaging sales support for businesses like insurance or legal services, or be an extension of an in-store experience, and help high-touch businesses differentiate themselves," said Weinraub.

Both options can provide solutions for organizations that are able to exploit the individual technologies to address their needs, but they are only some of the options available in the marketplace. The right service provider can deliver video and audio calls, text chat, scheduling, call center integration via phone, different types of analytics, and email as some of the engagement options.

Even though today's businesses have more engagement solutions, marketing technology can still be responsible for consumer disconnect if the customer's wish is not followed regarding how they want to be contacted. Businesses should follow the directions of how a customer wants to be engaged, which is often times disregarded in order to get a sale, consequently resulting in customer attrition.

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