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Why Telemarketing is Still a Proven, Effective Marketing Tool

August 01, 2014
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

In the market in general, telemarketing isn’t an endearing concept. Too many consumers received unwanted calls from pushy agents more focused on getting agreement than respecting the consumer’s time. While effective calling techniques and scripts were used by a number of companies, abusive tactics employed by others tarnished the industry.

Like most things in society that upset the general public, perception is skewed when it comes to other marketing techniques. For instance, I receive far more unwanted emails than I ever did telemarketing calls. It takes me much more time now to clean out my inbox and manage the messages I actually want around those that simply take up space. Yet, the sender isn’t perceived as a blight to marketing everywhere.

This interesting double standard was a focus in a recent Business2Community piece. So why do we demonize one method of marketing and not the other? Most likely, we easily associate telemarketing practices with the live individual on the phone. We don’t necessarily see the brand behind the voice and instead direct animosity to the person simply trying to do a job.

Digital market tactics, on the other hand, are a distant connection. Emails appear to be sent by companies and not individuals. While they are still a distraction, we often pick when we choose to turn our attention their way. This reality is one of the reasons why telemarketing is still a viable option when it comes to reaching the right person at the right time. It’s the human connection that matters, the real voice getting the real person to step into the conversation.

Companies still deploying these tactics often rely on telemarketing software to help manage the process, but the automation is left out of the interaction. It’s still live people talking to live people for the optimal outcome. Professionals in the space understand the difference between persistence and harassment and will only engage the consumer to the point of positive outcomes. They also know that the length of the conversation has a direct correlation with the connection. When the two are engaged in a conversation instead of one being berated by a sales pitch, the conversation is much more productive.

Even with powerful telemarketing software at hand, there is still a need for digital marketing. The key to success if knowing how to blend the two and engaging proven partners in the process. Companies like VanillaSoft have demonstrated expertise in telemarketing software and can help you identify the fine line for engagement and how best to drive your overall marketing success.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson