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Remain 'Culturally' Aware When it Comes to Lead Generation

August 25, 2014
By Ed Silverstein - Telemarketing Software Contributor

It is important to stay up-do-date and on top of things when it comes to sales lead generation, even in the case of B2B marketing. To use pop culture in that arena, here are some relevant tips presented by Matt Ford, a lead generation specialist, as they appear in

One of his ideas is to present something “as the new standard.” New standards are important for prospects, and they often use them in their own communications. Another important suggestion is to actually show results, as sales reps tend to be results-oriented. In addition, it is important to emphasize emotional connections, rather than talking only about case studies and statistics. Remember, for instance, how content marketers give helpful content, which uses relevant terminology. Also remember how sales reps want to improve performance; they need to know how trends and materials help out in a situation.

So a key takeaway is to remember the importance of pop culture. “The truth is there’s really no solid formula for playing with pop culture references. You just really need to open your mind and don’t be desperate about it,” advises a blog post from 121 Direct It recommends that to understand pop culture, watch movies, listen to music and read books. Pick up on popular clichés and genres, as well.

Do not forget either about how you can make your business part of a genre. That may even come from something as remote as watching cartoons and TV sitcoms. It all ties in.

Finally, there is one last piece of advice that should not be forgotten. “Don’t forget what your business is all about. For instance, some problems that seem straight out of science fiction or even fantasy could be easily solved with your products/services,” the blog post recommends.

In short don’t forget to use references from pop culture in a business to business marketing campaign. It can lead to impressive results.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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