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Hospitality Marketing Techniques to Reach Customers All Year

August 05, 2015
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

A recent hospitality industry blog post correctly asserts that sales must happen in its market every month of the year. Although that statement may apply to many markets, the focus here on hospitality has weight because hotels typically see fluctuations in tourist seasons to a higher effect than other businesses.

VanillaSoft contends that marketers can do much to combat these seasonal effects. Through websites, email campaigns, and a social media presence, marketing groups can use all the tools in their bags to keep customers interested. With data collected in those areas, hotels can then offer discounts and special promotions to people who live both locally and who may visit from afar at a later date.

Everything begins with the website. The blog states that this is the place where interested parties may first land before making it to the peak season. Search engine optimization can lead people to websites through the proper application of keywords, and Web-based forms can capture leads once visitors are at a site.

Email comes next. Businesses should be ready with automatic email responses to the types of Web forms mentioned earlier. Marketing campaigns during the year can use those same email addresses to offer special incentives to valued customers. Furthermore, they can send email requests to recent guests for feedback about their stays.

Then it is time to address customers on social media. With the correct information gathered in Web forms and email, it may be possible to follow frequent visitors on their Facebook or Twitter (News - Alert) accounts. Customers will feel comfortable in those mediums, so businesses can show off their softer side by using the social media platforms in a more personal manner.

All that said, there is still room for outbound sales and targeted calling campaigns. VanillaSoft says sales teams can target locals, holiday patrons, repeat customers, corporate entities and other large groups, and customers with niche needs such as special diets or services for their pets. Offers that are unique to those populations can provide enough incentive for them to return during their next local visit. Even if they stay for only one day, it is the brand with the most competent marketing team they will likely have in mind.