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Pro Tip: Get Past the Gatekeeper and Get the Yes

December 10, 2015
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

The gatekeeper – every executive wants one; every salesperson has to figure out a way to charm them or get around them. It’s a challenging task and one that must be overcome if you hope to ensure the right approach to sales success. If you’re using telemarketing to get these tasks done, the first step is telemarketing software. The next step is a friendly, yet effective disposition as you demonstrate speed and control.

One key brush-off is the individual who won’t ever respond to your outbound efforts, directing you only to the gatekeeper. There’s a reason why they are in that position – to keep people like you out so the boss can focus on the needs of the day. Of course you believe that the product or service you offer will deliver value and you need to communicate that to the decision maker. After all, it’s your job.

To effectively do so, you need to be able to get past the gatekeeper, without making him or her angry. That means you need to think about how you can build your campaign to be effective. A recent Business2Community post offers some insight, including how you need to convince the gatekeeper that your call is indeed important and should be patched through to the decision maker. One way is to speak with confidence and authority, but keeping it vague. If you’re too specific, the gatekeeper will make the decision instead and that generally means ending the call.

Instead, ask for the individual by name, mentioning the name of your company only. Don’t ask if the contact is available – that gives them an out. Don’t mention that you want to talk about how your product can help them. That immediately identifies you as someone non-essential to talk to and you may quickly be shut down. If you’re asked what the call is regarding, simply state that you are trying to reach the individual and ask for the best time to call.

If you’re immediately put through to the decision maker, that’s fantastic and you can record the success in your telemarketing software app to show the effectiveness of the strategy. But, now what? The decision maker could quickly end the call if you don’t take control of the conversation and also respect his or her time. You’re both busy and you need to demonstrate that you respect the concept before you get started. Ask the contact if now is a good time, state that you’ve got another call to make and you just wanted to quickly talk to her about your product and get her scheduled for a demo.

While the text in your script can vary, the point is no one wants to talk to the sales person who calls them, unless they initiated the conversation. If that isn’t the case, you have to demonstrate confidence, control, respect for time and an efficient approach to completing the conversation. In doing so, you make much better use of your time and drive your conversions through the roof.