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5 Tips to Improve Telemarketing Effectiveness

June 13, 2016
By Special Guest
Jain Dias -

Much of the allure of telemarketing generally lies in the ability of nurturing prospects. There are some problems that B2B executives have with it but despite this, there are approaches that would not just secure a high number of conversions but would also promise a good increase in revenue. Here are five telemarketing tips for improving telemarketing effectiveness.

  1. Get buy-in. Too often, telemarketing campaigns do not have to buy-in from the whole organization, this is the key reason for most companies who have tried telemarketing and have failed. In order to have telemarketing be successful, you need to make sure that it’s been well coordinated, supported at the highest levels, and is been integrated within the organizations strategic plan.
  2. Planning is everything. Though it’s an old cliché, you need to do make sure you have done some research. Have things being prepared before getting on a call. You need to decide which sector of marketing you will target. Do you have more customers in certain sectors?
  3. When they buy, make sure they buy it from you. A survey conducted by Darnell states that 80 percent of sales are generally made after the fifth call, with 90 percent of sales representatives quitting before leaving their job. So try and stay connected with your prospects through letters and phone calls and just make sure that when you write or call, you are here delivering something with greater value so that when they think of you they have something positive about you in mind.  
  4. Understand the target audience.  As discussed earlier, you need to find out and know what’s happening in the market. What’s keeping your buyers up at night? What are the gaps in the services that the suppliers struggle to close? What are the hot topics and the buzz words?  The more you get to understand your market audience, the quicker you can engage - building a strong rapport, and the more relevant any telemarketing conversation will turn out to be so you don’t end up sounding like a cold caller.
  5. Work on buyer pain points. If the current supplier is doing an okay job then maybe the desire to change is low.  But if you are using a really good opening question around the issues in the marketplace or know differentiators in the service you are offering, you can help magnify and create a perceived pain and encourage buyers to create an offence.

To conclude, any good business decisions should be based on the terms of return of investment. This means you need to look at what it would cost to generate leads, the sales generated in short term, and in some industries, the potential lifetime value of sales from new to long time customers.

Jain Dias is a creative writer focused on small business solutions. He writes about call center solutions and helps entrepreneurs to manage their sales and marketing through Data Appending.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi