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What You Need to Make the Most of Every Call

June 14, 2016
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Before the proliferation of cell phones or the heavy use of Caller ID on the landline, it was always a surprise when the phone rang. Sure, there were people you were expecting to receive a call from at one point or another, but most of the time you waited with baited breath to see who was on the other end of the line. When the individual said nothing more than “Hi,” it was often difficult to guess on the name.

Getting it wrong in such a situation is understandable, but what if you’re the caller? Shouldn’t you know who you’re calling and isn’t it your responsibility to make sure you get it right? Telemarketing software provider, VanillaSoft believes this is an important step to making successful outbound sales calls and shared key insight in a recent blog. While not every connection leads to an opportunity, we also know that you have to talk to a lot of potentials before you can ever qualify the lead.

To create a successful campaign, the telemarketing software provider suggests that you have a few other things in place, other than making sure you call the right person. For instance, you need to do your homework. Calling the right person isn’t just about making sure you get the person on the phone that matches the name you have on file. If you get the project manager on the phone but he or she has no influence or purchasing power, you’ve wasted everyone’s time and you have to make another call to get to the right person.

Do your homework ahead of time and identify those that you need to talk to before you ever pick up the phone. Make sure the one you’re trying to reach has the authority to tell you yes. If you only have one contact into a particular company and they have no purchasing power, have enough information that you can drive an angle that encourages them to connect you with the right individual. It’s worth your time if you can drive the conversation successfully. The sales pitch to the one who can’t make a purchase is a waste.

To that end, it can help to create a script ahead of time to address these particular situations. Nothing’s worse than getting an individual on the phone who’s willing to get you to the right person and you’ve wasted the opportunity by not having the right words ready to go. Be prepared for these situations. After all, you’re not likely to start the call with a simple one-word greeting, but you have to be prepared to take the conversation further than the introduction.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi