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How to Win Customers: The Saga Continues

October 04, 2016
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

Winning customers – it’s what we all want, right? A chance to prove that our offering is better than the competition and that we’re worthy to have a repeat relationship with. Achieving that goal, however, has been the bane of all companies near and far.

Tactics like improving customer service levels, predicting what customers want, and even polling them about how to improve offerings, have been used at exhaustion. Re-inventing the wheel and coming up with fresh new ways to keep and win customers is what smart companies do.

A new Sales Success Article details some tips and ideas to help with winning customers and the main focus is on building the relationship.

Any relationship, business or personal, benefits from certain attributes. Things like trust and having things in common are all the basis of fruitful relationships.

For sales people making calls to prospects, it is very important to build a relationship right from the start. Once callers are on the phone and listening to a pitch, they should feel interested and want to know more, not be put off and rushed to get the sales guy off the phone.

Nothing is worse than cheap pickup lines when you’re starting a relationship. The same is true for sales calls. You should avoid clichés and giving callers a run around they are all too familiar with. Instead, make them feel in control and wanting to hear more.

The key is to focus on the caller- their needs, their precious time you are taking, and what is going to keep them happy. Being prepared, not assuming and using the right phrases are all steps in the right direction if you want to score in the relationship. 

Edited by Alicia Young