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Evoke Emotions If You Want to Increase Sales

March 21, 2017
By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

It’s difficult to argue that most of us make decisions based on our emotions. Even if something makes perfect sense on paper, sometimes our gut will tell us otherwise. It’s a normal human reaction to sway in the direction your heart pulls you. This is even true with the products we buy and the companies we favor. Sometimes a company will speak to you in their messaging or pull at your heart strings and this may help finalize your decision to buy.

For those involved in selling, this is an important thing to keep in mind as you talk to customers, design scripts and perfect your branding strategies. Playing on emotions and creating that bond with customers will really be key in landing more sales.

A recent article on Smart Selling Tools looks at the topic of experiential selling - using aha! moments to really stimulate and influence people to buy.

It’s about more than just telling customers about your products and solutions and why they should buy from you. Instead, marketing, sales teams and the tools you use should all focus on evoking emotions.  

Whether you are walking customers through the reasons they will benefit from your offering, or you’re trying to paint a picture of the advantages, you’ll want to coach them through the thought-process, and help them to envision the results and how your offering best fits their needs. Most importantly, allowing them to arrive at the decision in their own minds is what will truly get you buy-ins that stick and the sales improvements you’ve probably been waiting for.

Other tips for turning sales and marketing tactics into something experiential include using video to engage viewers, adding an interactive layer to marketing promos and getting users to participate in ROI tools so they can see the savings for themselves.

Are you doing enough to grab buyer attention? 

Edited by Alicia Young