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Don't Be a Nuisance: Use Telemarketing Software

June 06, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

There’s arguably nothing that customers despise more than telemarketers. If you ask anyone, they’ll likely tell you that telemarketers have a tendency to call during dinner, and never call about anything that’s actually interesting or relevant. There’s nothing quite like getting home from work after a long day, sitting down, and then receiving a phone call about a new super solution that will help balding men grow their hair back (Yes, this has happened to me. And, as a young woman who is—thankfully—not balding, it wasn’t super relevant to my life).

From a business perspective, though, telemarketing is a potential goldmine. First of all, it costs less than other marketing platforms. It is much cheaper than advertising in magazines or via websites, for example. It also gives companies immediate feedback on their products and services. If a sales person is on the phone with someone describing a product, they’re likely to receive both positive and negative feedback. There are bound to be some features customers would like to see improved, and if enough people make the same suggestion, then companies know that some changes need to be made.

Telemarketing is also more convenient for customers…when it’s relevant. It allows companies to bring a product or service right to the customer’s attention. This is good for a number of reasons. First, it may make customers aware of something they didn’t even know they wanted. They could have the “Hey, I could use one of those” moments. Telemarketing can also serve as a reminder—perhaps a customer has been meaning to look up a product, but keeps forgetting. By giving the customer a call, it gives them the chance to buy it or learn more right then and there.

There are plenty of benefits to using telemarketing in sales, but none of them matter if companies don’t market to the right audience. That’s where telemarketing software can come into play. Telemarketing software has a variety of uses, one of which helps sales people target the right audiences. It can compile data, allowing, for example, hair growth product companies to avoid calling 23 year olds girls. Instead, that data could provide said company with information on how to contact middle aged men. Telemarketing software can also keep track of success rates, enabling companies to see which phone numbers have resulted in sales in the past.

These features make a world of difference when it comes to sales success. Telemarketing has great potential, and the right software can help companies reach that potential.